Technologies used in Website Design

Recent Technologies used in Website Design

Do you want to open a new website (Ecommerce) with a new design that can create a large impact? Yes! Then, please read this article on recent technologies used in website design. The technologies change every year or after a few years, so the business owners having an online presence need to have full knowledge on the trends. Also, you need to check the designs that are used in your industry. There are various industries in the market, and so it is difficult to keep a tab on the changes, but we have in this article focused on the recent technologies used in website design.

Please note, the changes in website design can also cause significant changes in startup innovations and market places.

A. Recent Technologies (AI & ML)

It is no doubt, AI and ML have started affecting our daily activities. However, both these technologies and other innovations have always improved the standards of human life. Machine Learning always focuses on analyzing data, detects the pattern changes and makes its own decisions. Popular ECommerce websites such as Amazon use AI and ML to give the visitors the best experience. After a visitor completes a sale, then the AI shows messages such as “The previous customer who bought this product has also bought another product.” And your website should have the best navigation features by which a customer can easily go to the desired web pages.

B. Web Pages: Design

It is well-known Google always gives good rankings on websites that load at a faster pace on mobile. Mobile friendly pages were the recent flavor of the season, but now the tide has switched to Accelerated mobile pages. These pages load faster than the MFP, and very soon, even the search giant, is supposed to give good rankings to AMP implemented websites.

Kindly have a look at the website. Today’s websites contain less articles and more content in the form of infographics, videos and podcasts. So, it is necessary that the web pages are properly optimized for speeding loading of pages.

C. Make Websites Respond to the User’s Situation

There was a time when we had to tap with difficulty on the mobile to make a call. Then, Apple invented the Touch Screen, and now every brand is following suit. In the future, industry experts speculate about website design that will react/respond as per the user requirements. The design will be such, it can modify as per the device, input or environment.

Who knows? In the future, websites may get APIs which has sensors, and this feature can create good experiences on web pages such as speech recognition and device orientation. If you want an example, just check your mobile, laptop or even television. Some models may contain features that can sense the environment and adjust their screen brightness as per the needs. This aspect may happen in the future.

4. Chatbots

Chatbots have already become popular. In recent times, almost every Ecommerce website has a chatbot answering simple customer queries. You may get the response within a second when checking your queries. Chatbot is an application which does not take weekly leaves, never gets sick and can work 7 days, 24 hours 365 days. Also, every Ecommerce company does not have to invest in customer care service executives.

5. BlockChain

If 2016 was the year of apps, 2018 can be called as the year of 2018. There is a lot of fraudulent activity going on the internet. Blockchain has already brought many changes in the website industry. This technology has brought the best software security options when it comes to online transactions. So, now, banks as well as financial organizations all over the globe do not have to worry about identity theft, customer data getting stolen, fraudulent transactions and more.

6. Static Websites

In recent times, dynamic websites are becoming more popular than static websites. But still, many prefer static websites for their business. For an Ecommerce site, loading speed of web pages is very important and a static website is the best bet. However, new designs and changes can and will happen every year.


7. Browser Extensions

Yes, browser extensions definitely became famous but now many persons are moving out of this habit. The reason, they feel that the extensions can harm their privacy and can read their online activities. So, in case you are making a browser extension of a website, then do not forget to take to account the security policy.

8. Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality

Both the technologies, as per the industry experts are the future scope of website design. Who knows? You may even have to wear a Polaroid glass to experience the finesse of Augmented Reality when browsing on Ecommerce websites.

9. Voice Searches

After the popularity of voice search helpful assistants such as Siri, Alexa, Cortana and Echo, the website owners have no options but to optimize their digital presence for voice searches. It is surprising, that college teens are using voice searches instead of typing on their mobiles for information. Although every website which is in development stage has been optimized for mobile responsiveness, it has also become mandatory to add a voice search API in your website. It is heartening to know web browsers of Firefox and Google Chrome has been specially designed with updates for this technology.

10. Mssage Pop-up Integration

Go to any E-commerce site and a pop-up will spring up giving information about the discounts and other offers. With this technology, there is no reason for any visitors coming to a business website to navigate to certain web pages and searching for information on discounts. The message pop-up gives the information within a second. If the visitor wants, he/she can stay or browse more on the website to get information.


Hope you have gained enough information on the recent technologies used in website design. Do you have dreams of having an Ecommerce business website? Then ensure you check if it is necessary to implement the above mentioned technologies in your website. Then, what about website designers? You need to employ a professional with years of experience to design the website. If you are in Auckland, New Zealand, it is wise to employ a website designing company from the same city you are located. For example, you can hire the best website designing company in Auckland for the same job. However, before contacting the company, make a list of your requirements, the products you are going to list on the website and other details. With patience and after a few discussions, your dreams will materialize. You can get the best Ecommerce website online! And from our side, all the best for your new business venture!

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