Revealed! The Mentor Who Trained French Crown’s Founder: Shark Tank India 

It is said learning is a continuous process and this is evident in the continuous relationship between “The Marketing Nerdz” (TMN) and their students. Just because a student has completed a training program, doesn’t mean they never need the help of their trainer every now and again. 

Such has been the experience of Ilesh Ghevariya, founder of French Crown who was recently featured on Shark Tank India. His is a story that keeps unfolding. And it shows just how committed Karan Dharamsi is to seeing his students succeed. Ilesh has continuously sought the guidance of Karan even 3 years after the completion of his course. 


A True Leader  

You might imagine that the CEO of a brand like “The Marketing Nerdz” would be too busy to attend to a student who completed his training years ago, but, no. He happily mentors the students as and when they approach him for help even years after the completion of the course.   

Ilesh, founder of French Crown who was featured on Shark Tank India, is quite impressed by the effort Karan Dharamsi and his team puts in to remain informed and relevant in the digital marketing space. 


He did not charge French Crown’s founder for consultation 

When finding challenges kicking off a campaign in December 2020, Ilesh reached out to his friend and mentor Karan Dharamsi once again. A lot had changed from the time he had undergone training. It would have been an opportunity for TMN to charge French Crown’s founder for consultation, but he got the help he so deserved at no extra cost. 



This is undoubtedly a demonstration of commitment to ensuring the success of their students. The digital marketing stage seems to get refreshed constantly. Target audiences are on different platforms from where they were a year or two ago. For example, not so many Gen Z audiences are on Facebook, this means a business marketing to that audience, needs to get with the times and switch to Instagram or TikTok. It helps when you know you can consult someone knowledgeable about such trends and they will help you navigate the change. 



French Crown’s founder (before being featured on Shark Tank India) has seen the benefits of training in digital marketing with Karan Dharamsi and “The Marketing Nerdz”. Former students also have the option of joining email newsletters and attending webinars that may be organized by TMN to receive updated tips and guidance on different topics related to marketing online.  


Like a bushfire, word continues to travel around  

There is always a reward for such commitment. TMN has seen an increase in the number of people signing up for their courses. Before being featured on Shark Tank India, Ilesh has been an awesome ambassador for TMN. Because of the benefits he enjoyed (no cost consultation and guidance from Karan), he has recommended several other business owners within his city to sign up for the training. Like a bushfire, word continues to travel around about this amazing training that continues giving. 


While Karan Dharamsi will always encourage his learners to seek out word-of-mouth promotion, he is doing a great job following his own advice. Caring for your client’s needs beyond business does help create a buzz about your business. 


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