Sage 50 won’t Open after Update

Possible Reasons for Sage 50 not opening. Your copy of Sage 50 may not open after updating due to the following reasons-Peachw.exe is running in the background even after Sage 50 is closed; Company files have not been updated correctly in the previous update. Hard drive may be corrupted.

Are you facing an issue with Sage 50 Account not opening after a recent update has been downloaded & 50 sage program won’t open when click on it. Recently, a number of Sage users have revealed normal issues related to Sage 50 start-up process. The latest version of Sage 50 at times will not open and prompts repeated error messages. There may be several technical reasons and internal errors that stop the Sage 50 accounting software from opening. In the event that you diagnose the reasons for Sage 50 accounting not opening error, you will track down some basic to advanced technical reasons for this.

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  • Sage 50—U.S. Edition does not open after installing the Windows 10 Spring Creators Update version 1803
  • Program starts to open and then closes with no error message
  • Problem affects Windows 10 v1803 workstations in a network environment, server is not affected
  • May also receive error: “You Cannot Use Sage 50 right now because the serial number(s) you have…are already in use by the maximum number of computers” (typically in environments with both Windows 10 v1803 server and workstations)
  • Also Windows 10 Version 10.0.17134 Build 17134


This solution requires substantial information on your computer’s operating system. In case you are not certain about settling the issue after reading the steps below, we propose you either take help of Itztechy Sage experts for a proper resolution of Sage 50 not opening after an update error after taking a proper backup.

Common reasons for ‘Sage 50 won’t start’ error:

  • There are clashing procedures running on the machine
  • Windows 10 Spring Creators (Update version 1803) was installed
  • Microsoft NET Framework is ruined
  • Pervasive dint start
  • Incorrect version of Pervasive has been installed
  • Pervasive Software folder is not on the correct location
  • Unable to connect to sage server (check network connectivity)
  • Sage is running in the compatibility mode
  • Program shortcut is damaged
  • User Account Control (UAC) is enabled

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Resolutions for Sage 50 Won’t Run After Update

Method 1: Just installed Sage 50 US Release 2020.2

  • Sage 50 US release 2020.2 has improved handling of IPV6 protocols – in addition to installing the 2020.2 release users must install the Actian 13.31 patch located at:

Method 2: This is what needs to be done foremost.

  • Right tap on Sage 50 easy route
  • Go to Properties – Compatibility tab – check the box “Run this program as a manager” – click OK
  • Now whenever Sage 50 is dispatched, users will get a UAC provoke inquiring the program to roll out improvements to your PC
  • Answer Yes and hope Sage 50 runs normally

Method 3: Turn off Compatibility Mode and end task on running Peachw.exe processes:

  • Right-click the Sage 50 Accounting desktop icon and select Properties.
  • Click the Compatibility tab.
  • Un-check the box next to Run this program in compatibility mode for.
  • If the option is grayed out, check Change settings for all users at the bottom
  • Click OK.
  • Press Ctrl + Alt + Delete, then select Start Task Manager.
  • Browse to the Details tab at the top. Note: If it is not visible, click More Details on the bottom of the Processes tab.
  • Look for peachw.exe.
  • Select the process and click End Task at the bottom. If you do not see peachw.exe skip to the next step.
  • Try to open the program again.
  • If the program still does not open, restart your computer and try to open again.

Method 4: Remove Run As Administrator

  • Right-click on the Sage 50 product icon on the desktop
  • Select Properties
  • Select the Compatibility tab
  • Uncheck the box next to Run this program as an administrator. If the box is checked but grayed-out, then click Change settings for all users button at the bottom of the screen, and uncheck it from that secondary window.
  • Select Apply and OK

Method 5: Set Windows to prefer IPv4 address over IPv6 on the server and workstation

  • Please contact your IT staff or network administrator for assistance with this.
  • Refer to Article ID 93607: How to set Windows 10 to prefer IPv4 over IPv6
  • Method 6: If using static IP address, edit the hosts file on the workstation(s)
  • Follow the steps in Article ID 79571: How to add a hosts file entry
  • Please consult your local IT staff for assistance in making these changes

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The reasons for Sage 50 update, not opening can vary from one case to another. Whatever be the reason, a fast solution is around the corner. We are only a call away for the best fixes and solution to issues related to sage.

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