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You may have heard that it is against the law to cut down a saguaro. Some of these facts are true. You can’t remove a saguaro on reason without a permit; you need to be given permission to do so. But that depends on whether or not the Saguaro is still standing or Saguaro Cactus Falling. If a saguaro falls on your property, you can take it down at any time.

How often do Saguaro Cactus Falling Off?

In fact, it’s pretty common. Even though a Saguaro can live for hundreds of years, its roots are very shallow. The roots of a big saguaro cactus may only go about six inches deep. If something happens, like if there are strong winds, the saguaro is likely to fall over. And when it’s a big cactus the size of a person, that can be dangerous.

saguaro cactus falling

What Do You Do If a Saguaro Cactus Falling Over?

You can get rid of it, but you might not want to do it on your own.
If a Saguaro Cactus Falling over in your yard, you have every right to take it out. But there is a catch: it’s not that easy to do. You might want to get help from a Cactus Expert. Not only is it big and heavy, but it also has spikes all over it to protect it. Nearly 70% of a saguaro’s weight is made up of pure water. That makes it hard to move them, especially if they just fell.

What Should You Do If Your Saguaro Cactus Falling?

Because saguaro cacti have such shallow roots, there are times when you can see that it’s about to fall, but it hasn’t yet. That is a very dangerous situation, especially with the taller cacti. If you call a Cactus Expert, they will be able to tell you what to do. They can help you get a permit to take down the saguaro and direct it so it doesn’t fall in a dangerous way.

Saguaro are cacti that are very beautiful. As they get bigger, they can look very grand. But there are some things you need to know about having a saguaro, especially since it is a protected plant. The Saguaro cactus could be in danger from pollution and climate change, especially in cities.

What’s Going On with Saguaro Cactus?

When temperatures reach more than 100 degrees, the heat has a big effect on plants.

“We heard a lot about Saguaro Cactus Falling over and losing their arms, and that really showed how heat stress is affecting Saguaros.”

Even when there isn’t much water, plants can usually save water when it’s hot outside. But back in 2020, when temperatures were very high, plants like saguaros lost their structure because of the heat.

This would leave standing dead saguaros, and many of them would lose more than one arm.

“There will be a really bad drought or heat wave, and sometimes we won’t see the full effects for years…

We may still be feeling the effects of what happened two years ago, which is a shame.”


Dr. Tania Hernandez is in charge of putting together a database at the Desert Botanical Garden to help people understand the effects and find out more. People can add information about Saguaro Cactus Falling in their area, such as photos or notes.

“Over time, this gives us a database that tells us how some of these Saguaros are changing in terms of their health and appearance…

and how and when these Saguaro cactuses are really affected by changes in the weather.”

Some of the warning signs that a Saguaro has been hurt by the weather are yellowing around the bottom or top of the plant.

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Low elevation is not a good place for Saguaros to live. People in and around Cave Creek are thought to be healthy. But the Saguaros that live in the metro area and city don’t get the right amount of elevation for them to live.

Many of the city’s Saguaros have been moved, which makes it harder to keep them alive.

“One of the hardest parts is getting all of the roots. Unlike most cactus plants, saguaros have roots that go down pretty far. So it’s hard to get hold of the whole root system.”

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