SAN Storage and Storage Provisioning

Storage provisioning is the allocation of storage resources and capacities within a Storage Area Network (SAN) to meet the demands of applications, services, and users. It involves configuring and managing primary storage capacity and associated devices in order to ensure optimal use of available resources. Storage provisioning helps organizations ensure that their data is stored securely, efficiently, and cost-effectively.

Define Requirements

Storage provisioning begins with defining the requirements for each application, service or user and then finding available SAN resources that can meet these needs. Once the necessary storage capacity is identified, it must be configured according to the requirements of each application, service or user. This includes assigning storage space, setting up access privileges and creating backup processes.

Set Up Virtual Storage

Storage provisioning also involves setting up virtual storage, which is a way of logically separating physical resources in order to simplify management and maintenance activities. For example, it can be used to divide capacity onto multiple servers in order to improve performance or to create isolated environments for applications that require specific security settings.

Optimize Performance

Once the storage resources are set up, it is important to optimize performance by configuring RAID levels and other settings. It is also necessary to monitor performance in order to ensure that applications, services and users have access to the resources they need when necessary. This includes monitoring resource utilization, identifying bottlenecks and making adjustments as needed.


Storage provisioning is an important part of managing a storage area network. It helps organizations ensure that their data is stored securely, efficiently and cost-effectively. By defining storage requirements, setting up virtual storage and optimizing performance, organizations can ensure that their SAN solution provides the necessary resources to meet their needs.