Sandblasting and Painting in Sydney

Have you been bored of the old and dry looks of your house? Do you want your office walls to look smooth and well managed? Do you like changes in your surroundings? Then you must be on the right page. There are multiple companies in Sydney which are providing sandblasting and painting Sydney to their regular clients and customers . But one minute do you know what sandblasting and painting is? Let’s check it out.


Sandblasting is a process of forcibly propelling an abrasive material stream against a surface under high pressure to make the surface of the walls smooth and luxurious and remove all the contaminants from the surface . Propelling an abrasive material is not easy so for this mechanism centrifugal wheel or  compressed air has been used in propelling the material.

Types of sandblasting:

For your eagerness I have to mention that there are variants of methods used in sandblasting. Some are highly abrasive while some are milder. Those which include abrasives  include shot blasting and sand blasting. But moderate abrasive in typical clude glass bead blasting and media blasting. It is also ground up with walnut shells , plastic stocks and corn cobs.

There are also some mild versions which include soda blasting; baking soda has been used as a form of abrasive material. In addition some abrasive and non abrasive material has been used for ice blasting and dry ice blasting.

Dual media blasting , steel grit along with the crushed glass according to SSPC standards has been provided. Different types of other sandblasting techniques have been offered according to the request of people.

Facilities provided by different companies:

There are many facilities provided which include sandblasting and painting facilities. All the companies must be extravagantly efficient enough in order to satisfy their customers in their provided services. Let’s have a look at the services provided by them in detail.

Blast and paint units

Right method and the right painting and techniques must be applied for the aesthetics and protective properties and the proper finishing of your metal fabrication project is necessary. It must be kept in mind by certain different companies that duration and exposure of the paints must be long lasting.

Now let’s talk about sandblasting. In this the surface of the path has been cleaned through abrasion . The etching and scratching has been done on the surface so that abrasion can be done. In this way the paint bonds and sticks with it.

Customer specified coating

The facilities of different types of coatings have been provided to the customers according to their needs. Primer, enamel, epoxy and high temperature paints can be used in the form of extra coating. These types of coatings will be applicable on residential paints.

Heated spray booth and cross drafts offering application For high quality industrial coatings. The industries give their demands to different sandblasting and painting companies to get their desirable finishing outcomes.

Trained and certified paint specialists:

The sandblasting and painting is not done on an ordinary basis. It is done by one of the special painters who are SSPC certified and trained by the company policies. They are able to give their best quality work to meet the high standards.

Paint inspection

These companies not only facilitate with their prompt services but also inspect their own work . Measurements of the thickness, quality of the sandblasting and painting along with the dry film thickness. All these have been given guarantees according to the SSPC standards.

Benefits of sandblasting

All these facilities are provided by different variants companies in Sydney but now the question arises why we have to choose sandblasting over normal paints?

Corrosion resistance

The sandblasting is able to prevent corrosion which means that 3 coats of paint is equal to one coat of sandblasting. Similarly paints have their own benefits . Wet paints are used for indoor Application while the powdered coats have extra weather ability, used in outdoor parts.


The sandblasting technique is purely economical. It is a solid product. So wasted products can be recycled and reused. The transfer efficiency of the paint and blast is in between 60 to 70 per cent. Less quantity has been used which is ultimately treated as cost-effective.

Production benefits

Most of the parts of the walls and ceilings get immediately ready from the sandblasting and painting techniques.

Chemical benefits

most promising feature of sandblasting and painting techniques is that it is chemical resistant. you accidentally spilled any chemical on the walls and ceilings of your home. It is durable, long lasting and provides you with the most finishing touch ups to the walls. Just wipe out the chemical and your paint will remain unscratched.


This technique is superior in many ways. As sandblasting and painting techniques will provide you smooth, chemical resistant and corrosion-resistant covering on your walls and ceilings.  Reduced costs, smooth finishing and resistance are some of the advantages that they had.

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