How to Save a PowerPoint Presentation and Excel file as a PDF?


PowerPoint and Excel are two widely used formats throughout the world. If you also have to deal with these formats on and off then you must have fallen into a condition where you wanted to change the format of PowerPoint and Excel files into pdf.

The reasons for doing so could be several like you might not have enough space to store various sheets or you want to keep all the financial receipts in one file. Similarly, you might have wanted to share your presentation with one of your colleagues or bosses before the meeting for final touches.

Whatever is your reason for switching the format, it is a task that needs to be done in a couple of seconds but it’s possible only if you know the right techniques and right tools. Thus, in this article, we’ll make you learn some easy ways of saving your PowerPoint and converting excel to pdf free. Let’s dive in!

Saving a PowerPoint file as pdf

First thing first, until you have Microsoft Office on your device, you don’t need the third-party software and conversion tools like Adobe Acrobat, for saving your ppt files into pdf with free ppt to pdf converter. The Microsoft office offers different ways of saving a PowerPoint file into pdf to enhance specification. What are these methods, let’s have a look.

Full page slides

As it’s clear by the name, this trick of converting a ppt file into a pdf allows the user to save one ppt slide as one pdf page. To convert your PowerPoint slides into a single pdf file by this method, use the given scheme

  1. Press Ctrl+shift+S or f12 on your keyboard and a save as dialogue box will pop up showing different file formats.
  2. If the file formats are not shown on the main display, click on the dropdown menu icon and you’ll find the option for save as pdf.
  3. After selecting the file format, choose the location where you want to navigate your pdf file on your device. In the end, press the save button and wait for the conversion process to complete.

After the conversion, you’ll have your entire PowerPoint slides on each different page of the pdf file.

Thus, if you want to print many slides on a single page or want to add additional details like comments, suggestions, and notes to the pdf pages, this method is not suitable for you.


If you want to convert multiple ppt slides over a single pdf page, then this method is ideal for you. You can also add the handouts like speaker notes and comments to your PowerPoint slides before conversion since all these details will also appear in the pdf. The steps you need to follow are such as

  1. Press the Ctrl+print keys on your keyboard to steer towards the print dialogue box.
  2. In this print dialogue box, you’ll see multiple printing options. Choose the one showing Microsoft print to pdf.
  3. Next, select the proper layout regarding how you want your PowerPoint slides to look in pdf format.
  4. Lastly, click the print button, specify the file location, rename your file, and press the save button.

Saving excel file as pdf

Just as pot files, you can also save your excel sheets in the pdf format using Microsoft office. The methods of doing so are described below.

Save as dialogue box

The most common and fastest way of saving an excel file as a pdf is to use the save as a dialogue box. To use this in-built tool, follow the given scheme

  1. Go to the main save a copy by navigating towards the file tab.
  2. As soon as you click the save a copy option, multiple file formats will pop up. Select the pdf format from the list.
  3. Click save and wait for the conversion to complete.

To specify the file location, you can also undergo advanced settings before the third step.

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By using this method, you can export one excel file in the form of a pdf to another location on your device or one of your contacts. All you need to do is follow some simple steps

  1. Click the file tab, from there, go to the export option.
  2. Select the option showing to create pdf document
  3. Click the create pdf button that will open up a menu named publish as pdf.
  4. Choose your file location and hit the save button.

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