Tips to Help you Save Money While Relocating

Is Relocating in your cards recently? Are you planning to move to a new location soon? Or have you been thinking of moving to another apartment but the cost of moving keeps pulling you back? Yes, moving to a new city can be a troublesome task. Even if your office is ready to compensate for your shifting, still you will find it quite problematic. As there are many other expenses attached to it, relocation can become an expensive affair.

You have to devise a plan that can help you with the move. Packing and moving can cause a lot of chaos and disturbances in your daily routine. Even though there are many packers and movers in the city to help you with the shifting, but even they have certain limitations. The first thing that comes to mind when you are thinking of moving, is definitely the cost. House, location, distance, and even the packers and movers are secondary. But you will be surprised to know how they all are interrelated.

What if you got some of the tips and tricks to help you with the move in an affordable way? Won’t that be great? Then read along to see if you could cut some costs by making a few changes here and there.

How to Save a Great Deal while Shifting to New Location

Shifting may bring you lots and lots of worries about the cost of moving. This could give you nightmares which can become worse. Every single penny counts and for that, you will have to carry out the household relocation smartly. This will go a long way toward securing your future. Just like any other product, even packing and moving can be less expensive, if you plan it well and organize things accordingly.

In packing and moving, you won’t even realize how and when things take a wrong turn and you end up paying a lot more than what you should pay. This disturbs the equation which makes your shift an unsuccessful one. If you are looking for ways to save money on the shifting then we suggest you understand a few methods to do so. There are a few ways that the experts feel, are best in planning a budget-friendly move. Have a look.

Limit Buying Before Moving

We often get excited when we are planning to move. Even if you are not, other family members in the family would surely be overexcited about the whole affair. Prepare yourself mentally and ask others in the family to be stubborn about buying anything new before the shifting. You must focus on traveling light, which will help you in saving a great deal. If you limit the expenditure part then the rest of them will automatically fall into the place.

Along the way, you will come across a lot of temptation but you should overcome that and move on. Limiting the expenditure part will help you manage things strategically. You just add five items to the cart and it grows and grows. By the time you realize you have bought a lot, it is late. Trick your mind to think that there will be more such offers. Moreover, the new place will have better options for you to choose from, you can do the shopping to your hearts’ content then. Shopping before the shifting can only clutter the place more.

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Decluttering is Essential

Are you sure that you want to cut costs while moving? Then the only way to do so is to start de-cluttering the place up. In our house, we have a lot of things that have been gathering dust. You can utilize this opportunity to sell them off and make space for others. Before you sell them just check: whether they are in good condition, does it have sentimental value attached to them, is it worth the cost and energy you are planning to put into getting them sold, etc? If the answer to all these questions is a yes then go along and post the picture of the items on different platforms.

It is not necessary that you will get to sell all the items but you can sure sell at least 50% of them. But for that, you will have to be flexible with the price and will have to wait patiently. Even though you post the image of the items on the online portal this may take some time, so you are suggested to posting them at least one month before. Others that you are unable to sell can be donated or carried to the new location. Make sure moving them with other things is worth the decision.

To sell them you can either organize a garage sale, post them online, post them on the community WhatsApp or Facebook, etc. You can also barter it with family and friends if they are ready to take it.

Plan and Strategize the Shift Well

Shifting is not a one-day task. for this, you require proper planning. With adequate strategizing, you can get a perfect moving date to shift your things at a much cheaper rate. Some people look at the Vaastu to decide the auspicious dates for the move. In the same way, you can decide the dates for moving for an inexpensive one.

Avoid moving during the peak times when the packer and mover charges are high. Especially during the month-end or the weekends. At this time, their rates are sky high so planning for some other day will be good such as mid-month or weekdays. When you strategize the whole shift properly you will have to finalize the inventory, look for good packing materials, the dates, etc. So that, you don’t make any blunders. As we all know that it is the packing and moving that makes 70% of the moving cost. If you can manage it well, then you can cut the costs up to 20% here. This would make great savings.

The date shouldn’t be around the peak times or else you will be charged quite high, and trying to avoid can open a few options for you. Plan early and in a good way so that, you don’t have to spend unnecessarily. If you can get packing materials even there you can save a great deal. Next, you need to negotiate the rates of moving companies. This is only possible when you start planning early. Assess the situation then plan things well. You will find various ways to cut the moving costs. The last-minute cost and confusion can be reduced if you have a perfect moving plan in place.

Disconnect the Utilities before you Leave

When you are going to such an extent to create a budget-friendly move, then why not look at some of the common areas where you can cut unnecessary costs. Once you have made plans to move, set the moving date, made preparations for the move, then take out time to send in applications to disconnect certain utilities. We are not talking about the milkman or newspaper services, but other essential services such as DTH, broadband, etc. People often forget to disconnect the facilities such as electricity, wi-fi connections, magazine subscriptions, and such others. Later when the bill comes in their name for the services they did not use, it is quite heartbreaking.

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This is quite a normal scenario amidst all the moving madness. So, planning ahead always helps. You may remember to tell the milkman or the newspaper guy to stop bringing those things and settle the bills but the ones that require an arduous procedure, such as sending in the application may leave your mind. Ensure that you give the application and ask them to disconnect the services such as water connection, gas, electricity, cable, etc. on the shifting day. Remember to give them a call to remind them as well.

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