Schools in Jaipur

Schools in Jaipur known for Education, Infrastructure & Safety

Do you know why people say that English medium schools in Jaipur are known for their education, infrastructure & safety, why do people state that Jaipur has the best schools? You may have many questions in your mind let’s check and find out what they say so. Many schools have these facilities but are they up to the mark, What all should be there to show that schools in Jaipur are the best.

Following are the parameters by which we can find out:-

  • Education

The most important factor of a school and that should be of best and must be updated as per the need of the updating society. There should be no compromise at school-level education because it only will decide the future of the student if the school education is terrible then it will lead to further degradation of the student knowledge. 

  • Curriculum 

A school should have a proper and dedicated curriculum. It can be of any CBSE, ICSE, IB, state board, etc. Schools should have important subject combinations in higher classes like 11th and 12th. Schools should have grades from primary grade to senior secondary grades so that you don’t have to change school after 10th school.

  • Approach for learning 

In general, the approach for learning should be in a way that the students can easily understand and learn it too. Schools should see that each student should learn from it. And the learning should provide some opportunities for students so that they get extra help from it. The teachers should know all the problem that students are facing related to language, any disabilities or any other needs that helps them to understand and learn from it. Schools should have a series of tests so that they can evaluate by the teachers such as periodical exams, oral tests, quizzes, and other study-related activities which gives them the knowledge that where the students are lacking. 

  • Extra curriculum activities

All the schools in Jaipur have extracurricular activities as it is also a part of learning. It is an important activity that should be provided in school as it teaches the importance of team building, team spirit as well as letting the student know what are their talent and abilities so they can move up these items up the list.

  • Infrastructure

Infrastructure doesn’t only mean a building that only has chairs, tables, blackboards, or other basic facilities. An infrastructure means that a school has a proper structure building which has all the equipment that is the need of every student like a playground, smart classes, computer labs, separate labs for practical subjects, activity rooms and last but not least an important one transportation. These are some of the facilities that a school should have.

  • Playground

A playground is as much as an essential part of a classroom is in school. Because it is also a place where students learn. It is a place where the students learn how to make friends. How to build a team or how to lead a team and can be physically fit. So that they can learn more in their classes. A playground is just not a place that students go and play it is a place where they get educated for the future about how to face their fear of how to solve problems and many other things.

  • Classroom with smart classes

Nowadays every school has smart classes in it. It has become a basic necessity of every school and its students. Smart classes help the teacher in teaching by zoom-in to show the relevant visuals and explain when and where she needs to emphasize engaging animation, colours, music, and sounds. By this, teachers can gain the attention of every student in the class. We have also seen that if we see something that stats in our mind for more rather than reading. When students get a visual representation of anything, then they will also keep it for a longer period.

  • Labs

Labs are the places where we can visually represent what we have till now learn theoretically. In school, there should be at least a computer, maths, biology, physics, and a chemistry lab. These labs should be fully equipped, and they should be open for all so that they can be fully utilized by students.

  • Activity rooms

Activity room platform where students can spend time learning and experiment with their ideas. That is why it should be fully equipped with the things that are needed by a student to reinforce the fine skills of the students. The activity room should not be a single room. It should be separate rooms for art, dance, music, and other activities so that students can learn and explore.

  • Transportation

Every school should have transportation facilities because some students can come from far places which are not allowed to drive their vehicles. So the schools should own a nice number of busses so that students need not drive before their age. Busses should be driven by well-trained drivers, and there should be a conductor, so they can help drivers to manage. For the pre-primary kids, there should be an extra attendant so they can extra take care of the students.

  • Safety

School management should be highly concerned about the safety of the students inside the school premises and outside as well. There should be CCTV cameras where ever it is possible to fit. A guard should be outside every exit and entry door and one inside the school for extra safety. There should be devices like smoke detectors, firefighting equipment inside the school. System-related safety should be kept in a routine check so that it should be taken care of every day. And a person should be made responsible for its routine check.


There are some of the important aspects that should be in a school. As we have seen that many schools in Jaipur do have all these three aspects, which were education, infrastructure, and safety. These are the basic facilities that should be provided by the school to students. As per the needs of our growing society and help students to be equally knowledgeable like society.

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