How to sell my old earphones?

Earphones are an essential accessory associated with your mobile phone or tablet. Earphones are one of the main accessories that one needs even in their day to day life. It is essential to use earphones that are not damaged and provide you with good sound. If you want to purchase new earphones, there are multiple sources available. However, if you want to get rid of your old earphones and sell them, there are only a few sources to go to. You need to make sure which platform suits your needs the best.

Glancing through many such platforms, you need to find the one that provides you with top-notch services and commendable prices for your old earphones. If you invest in new earphones, why not sell the old ones and earn a few bucks? This article will help you discover platforms where you can sell old earphones for monetary returns. You can explore the alternatives mentioned below to find the best platform to sell old earphones. 

The first and the most convenient way to sell old earphones is Cashify. As we move further, we will discuss the advantages of selling old earphones to Cashify. You can access multiple benefits by selling your old earphones to Cashify. They are as follows.

Cashify is the first and the most dependable alternative : 

You can visit the Cashify website or app and select the brand of your earphones, or you can directly search for your earphone model. Once you find your earbuds, you will find the price you will get by selling your earphones to Cashify. You can further see the exact value of your earphones by answering a few questions about the earbud’s condition. Once you are satisfied with the price displayed on your screen, you can book a doorstep pickup for your earphones. You can book the pickup at a time at your convenience at your home or workplace. Once you schedule the pickup, a Cashify technician will visit you. He will check the earphone’s condition, and if all goes well, he will give you instant cash in exchange for the earbuds. 

There are numerous benefits of selling old earphones to Cashify. You can earn instant money and receive the best price for your earphones at Cashify. The hassle of going to a retail store for selling purposes is also eliminated. You can sell your earphones at your comfort and receive services at your doorstep. Cashify also offers the best deals and offers for old earphones at a price better than any other platform. All these benefits are a strong reason you should sell old earphones to Cashify. 

The second option to sell your old earphones is OLX : 

You can visit the OLX website and post an advertisement for your earphones. The ad is visible to potential buyers. Once a buyer spots your advertisement, he will be able to contact you for details. You can charge a price of your choice on this platform which is an obvious advantage. However, fraudulent buyers can promise to pay after they receive the product. Moreover, you need to keep an eye on any such fraudulent activity. To avoid any such monetary trouble, you will have to thoroughly verify the details of a buyer before selling your earphones to them. If no buyers like your deal, your earphones might be unsold, and you might not receive any monetary benefits. Thus, you will have to keep the earphones with yourself and invest in a new one in such a case. 

The last alternative to sell old earphones in Quikr :

This platform is similar to OLX, and its mechanism is also identical to that of OLX. You can create an advertisement for your earbuds, and potential buyers will reach out to you. However, the risks involved in selling old earphones to this platform are similar to OLX. You might not find any potential buyer, or there are high possibilities of fraud cases. Therefore, buyers may even waste your time by asking questions for too long and then not buying the earphones in the end. Answering all the questions will take time and will drain your energy. To ensure that selling old earphones comes with no risks and does not take your time, you need to find a trustworthy source. 

Undoubtedly, Cashify is a reliable platform to sell old earphones. The platform is trustworthy and involves no risks or threats of fraud or any other kind. It offers convenient doorstep services to reduce the customer’s struggle to find the appropriate retail shop that offers considerable prices and services. Cashify ensures that your process of selling old earphones is smooth with no hassle. If you are looking for a trouble-free, safe, and reliable platform to sell old earphones, Cashify is the one. To repeat, it would be best if you considered selling old earphones to Cashify as the platform won’t disappoint you at all.

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