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Sharing a Room Can be Extra Fun with These Triple Bunk Beds

“Should I get a bunk bed for John and Suzie?” “Would they stay intact then?” “What if it just increases my hassle?” Your mind gets boggled by tons of these questions and all of these questions are the courtesy of those little minions that are, nevertheless, cute but they can also get on your nerves. But your whole mood can change drastically when you see your kids sleep peacefully. Heart-warming, isn’t it? Your kids can only get a sound sleep if they are comfortable and all tucked in their beds. MK Furnishings have thought about your kids and that is why they have created the most comfortable bunk beds for your kids.

We have not only confined ourselves with the triple bunk beds but we offer a myriad of bunk beds for your children. However, we are going to discuss only the top four bunk beds that have taken a toll on every parent that has made such a purchase.

  • Triple Bunk Bed

Triple bunk beds are optimum if your kids have a lot of sleepovers and let’s be honest, sleepovers are a must for numerous kids. It’s a part of their lives. Now, if your kid constantly invites his/her friends over for a sleepover then you must get a triple bunk bed because not only it will provide enough space for the children to fit in but it will also make the sleepovers much more fun. Other than sleepovers, there also come some times when reading a bedtime story to your kid and that story makes you sleepy as well. It happened a lot of times, right? And you always wake up with a sore neck or a cramp in your shoulder. Now, this bunk bed will provide enough space for the parent to fit in without taking up the space of your kid.

  • Bunk Beds with Stairs

If you don’t want a triple bunk bed, you can always opt for bunk beds with stairs that provide just as much space and storage as the other bunk beds. Sharing a room with a sibling may seem like a privacy intervention but these bunk beds not only keep your privacy intact but also provide enough room to bond with your sibling. Just take a couple of stairs and your kid will have his/her own private space up there. Siblings fight, no matter how small or big a case is. In that case, it is better if they just stay away from each other for them to become civil again.

  • Bunk Beds with Storage

If you have kids at your home, you may be familiar with the number of toys that lie around the entire house all day long. They are not only present in your kids’ room but also in the living room, your bedroom, kitchen, and even toilet! Now, what if we told you that we have a solution for your storage issues? Tempting, right? We know it is. This is why MK Furnishings have created bunk beds with slide that provide enough storage space to load the toys of your kids. You won’t have to trip over randomly lying Bob the Builder toys because now, they have got their own space in the bunk beds.

  • Bunk Beds with Slides

Children are never tired of playing. When they won’t have anything to do, they will chase each other in the entire house and when they will run out of energy, they will sit and play with their toys instead. There will never be a dull moment with those little creatures. Now imagine having a bunk bed with a slide in your kids’ room, how will that turn out? Awesome, right?! These slides are designed in such a way that they won’t hurt your kid but provides them with enough area to play. These bunk beds are considered to be the best bunk beds for toddlers.

The Final Takeaways

Bunk beds are certainly the need of the hour and you shouldn’t waste any more time in purchasing the bunk beds. We have got tons of positive feedback from our customers because of these bunk beds and we want you to become one of those customers. So, pick up your phone or just order your bunk bed from our website. Pick the right one for your kid right now. You won’t regret it.

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