Shoppable Instagram: The Best Social Marketing Strategy For eCommerce

Recently in 2019, Instagram introduced a whole new shopping stream i.e. Shoppable Instagram, which allowed the users to shop the product just by tapping on it, and that too without leaving the app. 

With this feature, checkout tags would appear on the post feed which displays the option of “Checkout on Instagram” when the users tap on the post and tags.

This shoppable feed has emerged as the elementary component of the social media marketing strategy for online brands and retailers. 

If you have already leveraged Instagram for social selling, then it’s good, but if you are still searching for a strategy to boost your social media marketing, then this blog is a must-read for you.

Shoppable Instagram- Turn Visuals Into Sales

It is the new age visual commerce shopping hub for modern shoppers, that allows them to shop easily from visual content while scrolling down their Instagram feed.

Described as, The attractive catalog displayed on the Instagram feed of the brand, that showcases compelling and exquisite images of the product along with the specifications, detailed product descriptions, and price tags, providing them with a smooth shopping experience.

It has provided the customers with a comfortable shopping journey that allows them to shop the look without even leaving the page.

This is just not the end, shoppable Instagram has got a lot of benefits to serve the brands as well as customers, which makes it the best social media marketing strategy for eCommerce.

Why Leverage Shoppable Instagram For Social Media Marketing

As we have already discussed the basic definition of Shoppable Instagram, let us know as to why it is the most important marketing strategy for online brands and eCommerce stores.

1. Makes your product catalog easily accessible

While scrolling through social channels, many times we land on the brand’s advertisement directing us to the products catalog. And the worst part is that we end up searching for the same product that captured our attention.

Well, it might have happened to almost everyone reading this blog. But that’s where shoppable Instagram pops in. Not only it lets you discover the desired product easily but also allows you to access the entire catalog smoothly without leaving the app. 

2. Attract more customers with enticing Shoppable Instagram visuals

Visuals have more power to attract customers and engage them. It sparks off their desires and stimulates them towards the product. 

Keeping this in consideration, the Shoppable Instagram feed is a pool of exciting and enticing visuals that ignites the craving of the viewers to shop the product. 

It has the potential to activate the customer’s purchase decision and engage them with the brand and its products.

3. Adds Credibility to your online store with UGC

UGC or User-Generated Content is the most trusted content while making a purchase decision. Be it online or offline, reviews and recommendations have always been the crucial words to shape the decision. 

Same to word-of-mouth recommendations, UGC acts as the online recommendation system for the brand. Be it a small accessory or a big gadget, people consider UGC before purchasing.

To display the authenticity of the products, brands leverage UGC for advertisement. Brands curate this UGC from various sources using hashtags and mentions, and add tags to it to make it shoppable.

It adds reliability and credibility to the brand and its products and builds a trustworthy relationship with customers.

4. Adorn your brand with a magnificent image

Imagine the situation when a negative review of your brand will ruin your well-established image in the marketing sphere. Sometimes the inappropriate content about the brand degrades its position in the competition.

UGC advocates for the brand but sometimes things go opposite to our goals and objectives. As a brand, it is important to display only the content that aligns with your image and motives. 

Brands need to moderate the UGC before using it for promotions. This helps the brands to display premium quality content and have a distinguished image amongst the customers.

5. Reduce the purchase barriers with the “Shop Now” feature

How many of you have left the shopping journey because of the complex purchase path and barriers?

I guess, almost all of us, and this is the main reason behind the wishlist and shopping bag abandonment of standalone eCommerce sites.

But Shoppable Instagram is just a feast for the shoppers as it lets them make a smooth purchase in just a click.

Instead of ‘link in bio’, it allows the brands to add tags to the UGC, which will direct the customer straightaways to the payment page without any chaos. It helps the brand to minify the purchase journey and make it simpler and quicker for the customers.

6. Accelerate sales with an easy shopping journey

 By making streamlining the shopping journey, Shoppable Instagram allows the brands to provide a smooth shopping experience to the customers.

It is the best way to turn the customer’s inspiration into sales in just a few steps, which triggers the customers to make a purchase.

It, therefore, enhances customer engagement and amplifies the sales and revenue for the brand.

Create Your Own Shoppable Feed Now!

Visual commerce platforms can help your brand to create an amazing and exquisite shoppable Instagram feed.

Using this tool, brands can customize the feed to make it look more attractive and to magnetize the customers to make a purchase.

So, it’s time to win the social marketing game and turn your Instagram into a shopping hub to boost your conversion rates and sales.


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