Some Packing and Moving Mistakes while Shifting

How many times have you moved and ended up thinking that you shouldn’t have made such mistakes? This is a common experience that most of them go through and keep reminiscing again and again.

Shifting to another place is a daunting task. But how do you make it tolerable amidst such stress and work? For this, you will have to plan accordingly. This way you will not have to go through so many problems. Packing and moving is a big task, no doubt. And in making perfect most of the time we end up making mistakes. You may make small mistakes but that can end up making things harder for you in the future. The more you try to make things simpler, you may keep making mistakes. This can go on to accumulate and make it tough for you as things proceeds.

If you can point out what are the mistakes that you must avoid, you can make a better decision later. Here, are a few of them that you should take care of immediately. Have a look at them and avoid making them altogether.

Using Wrong Size Boxes

When it comes to packing people often end up making the worst mistake of all, and that is packing things in the wrong-sized boxes. Usage of old Liquor boxes or fruit boxes is a good idea but how far should you take it. Most of the time, it is bad to get things packed in these boxes as you won’t get uniformity while loading them in the vehicle.

The best thing to do in this case will be to get boxes of different sizes. Get mainly three sizes i.e, small, medium, and big. Once you pack things in these boxes properly, you can easily stack them comfortably. This will also be helpful while unpacking or sorting things.

Overloading the Cardboard boxes

Many of us try to over-pack the boxes to use them to their full capacity. You may stash things in the box together and that can make it all difficult to carry things. This can also hinder your loading and unloading procedure. You can end up breaking things if you are not cautious. The box may open up from below and scatter all around.

If you don’t want such a scenario unwinding before you while you are relocating, we have a small suggestion for you. First, get appropriate boxes according to the items you want to move. Next, distribute all the items in different boxes evenly. Stashing everything in the boxes to fill it up and use a smaller number of boxes may make you pay heavily. Try to make sure that the boxes are weighing 40 pounds or less and not more.

Do the Packing is Hurry

Packing requires a lot of strategy and planning. Many of us may do the packing at the last minute and end up making quite a lot of mistakes. This they repent later after the deed is done. You may get items delivered in a poor state. If you want to avoid such a situation, then we suggest that you take time to arrange and sort things according to their nature. Like for instance, try and pack fragile items together in a much-organized way so that they don’t break during the transport.

In the same way, you need to pack electrical gadgets separately and take time while doing so. Do not pack them in haste or they may end up in a haphazard state. Use bubble wraps splendidly to cover items such as platters, frames, fine china, mixer grinder, etc. you can also use rough papers such as packing peanuts, or newspapers as the filler.

If you are in hurry, then you may miss packing them properly and that may lead to disastrous effects. Proper packing can minimize the risk to a great extent. Food items should be packed separately, whereas for furniture you can use furniture pads.

Poor Labelling of the Packed Boxes

You may hurriedly pack everything up and later when it’s time to search for things in the new house, you may be spending quite a lot of time doing so. It happens to most of us. The more we take out time to pack things up in an organized way, the lesser time we will spend looking for items in the new location. You won’t want to look for specific items at night for long hours, now would you?

This is just because you don’t spend time labeling the boxes. Poor labeling of the packed boxes can make it hard for you to identify the contents of the boxes and pick them quickly. Use a white sticker with a black ink marker to write down the content of the boxes. You should also leave the names of the content in the box inside the box as well. this will give you a clear idea as to what is there in the box.

Leaving Empty Spaces in the Box

There are not enough items to fill the box so, let’s leave the box is empty. Is this your solution? Then you are so wrong. One should never leave empty spaces inside the box, no matter how little items you have to shift. try using bubble wrap, packing peanuts, newspapers, shredded papers, etc. to cushion the item perfectly.

The fillers will be shock absorbers and they will prevent the items from damaging. You need to do this for all the things, especially those fragile items. Leaving the space in the box can maximize the damage. If you don’t want broken trinkets and a fine china set, then it is best to fill up the empty space in the box.

Doing things on Your Own

At first, the packing and moving may seem easier but later you may stress out about the whole moving. A lot of things may have to be taken care of when it comes to relocating. Having your head in three different places is not an easy task. thinking of doing everything yourself can only bring trouble to your door.

The best way to avoid the mess is by hiring packers and mover Hyderabad. To make things extremely simple while packing and moving, you can take the help of a moving company. Having their support will make it so much easier. Even the professionals have a better knowledge about packing them up and transporting them off to another location.

Get quotations of packers and mover Pune to Delhi to hire the one that best fits your budget.

Whether you need cardboard boxes or proper equipment to load or unload the things, the moving companies will know how to do it the best.


Relocating to another city is a risky business. It is not so because it is tough or something but mostly because even a small mistake can become a grave one in no time. taking care of a few mistakes or not making any of them will help you have a smooth move. This is only possible when you educate yourself about them. Reading the piece will help you a great deal and allow you to make better decisions.

Hire packers and movers to make your relocation a smooth one and reduce the damage of the belongings to a great level.

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