SpaceX Started A New Era Of Spaceflight For Human Beings

The new journey of humanity into space began when American private company with the help of NASA launched two astronauts Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken into space trajectories as they have succeeded in reaching the international space system. It has been nearly a decade when the United States postponed the inauguration of space shuttle mission due to outcomes of national calamity. On Saturday 30 May 2020,  Hurley and Behnken were embarked to ISS from Florida on rocket Dragon that was facilitated and controlled by Space X company of multibillionaire tech giant Elon Musk.  They were first to send from American soil to ISS after the retirement of space shuttle crew of NASA ten years ago.

The dragon capsule and rocket were not supplied and built by NASA this time as it was surprising for all of us that Space X designed both for the first time. It was the first step of billionaire Elon Musk for fulfilling his dream of lifting people to Mars. The President Donald Trump and country’s Vice President Mike Pence witnessed the historical countdown to launch the Falcon 9 to space with huge crowd. Before Saturday, it’s launch was suspended due to bad weather condition in the state. When on Saturday it was shot to blue skies it started slowly but after it becomes disappeared for eyes of spectators into space within few minutes essay writing service UK reported in its researches.

New era for Americans and Space world?

After official declaration from NASA about triumphant arrival of both NASA astronauts in 19 hours from Kennedy space station at Florida to International Space Station by Dragon spacecraft from Space X, it has opened new channels for both to have great deals together. Now NASA will buy most of the spacecraft and cargo ships from this American Private Company. The American nation is considering it an accomplishment for giving world new technological innovation at this time of global stress of COVID-19 pandemic. It would be a great relief for the whole world as a new era of scientific and technological innovations has just started.

President Donald Trump has regarded this as a great encouragement for the whole country. Moreover, he laid more significance to commercial transport and technology industries as our future is brighter with this achievement. He made it clear to the world about his future ambitions of accumulating weapons might be for space war and his dream of settling on Mars soon.

In April 2019, Space X faced a huge set back as their testing Falcon failed to flew and only a cloud of gases appeared suddenly from the rocket, and it was due to technical failures in the rocket. Besides, Space X provided a Falcon 9 who supported a Dragon capsule of the crew team, and they were operated form Florida and Hawthorne, California.  It was expected to align with ISS on Sunday morning. Both astronauts Hurley and Behnken give a unique name to their Dragon capsule in honour of American spacecraft. They titled it “Dragon Endeavor” as it will provide a reminder of a new era that has been led by NASA and commercial companions, and they also derived it from previous “Shuttle endeavour” where they have contributed a lot before 2000. It is not sure how much time they will spend on ISS, but it is just more than four to five months. During this, they will be welcomed as colleagues by a team of 63 member crew of ISS, and they will provide their service for the maintenance and functioning of International Space Station.

After the shuttle space program retirement, NASA hired Russian space programs to send astronauts to the ISS. But now with this tremendous achievement, NASA has its agreements with Space X to transport its astronauts into space orbits while making huge profits from commercial space industries.

The Man behind this SpaceX expedition

Although the mission was slow in its fulfilment but Elon Musk the CEO of Space X now will be the forerunner of space carrying programs who initially had less understanding of rockets. At an official launch ceremony, Elon Musk could not speak out due to emotions he had after witnessed the incredible achievement of his company. Elon Musk is the same man who proposed an idea of experimenting scientific greenhouse on MARS. But the cost was too high, and he transformed his idea to space exploration. He officially established his company space X in 2002. After it, Elon became a famous tech inventor who could compete with another tech giant in the United States at that time. Space X had transported its robotic cargo vehicles to space station in 2012 form American soil. Before falcon 9, he had three failed attempts of launching Falcon to space, and at his fourth attempt, he was able to show the worth of his company to the entire world. NASA trusted two companies for requesting to build a space cargo. Space X was one of them, and it gave enough confidence and resources to Space X for designing Dragon capsule and Falcon 9 that was collectively named as Dragon Endeavour spacecraft when it associated to the International Space Station on Sunday.

Future goals of Space X with NASA collaboration

This glorious moment is not going to boot NASA off the spacecraft missions as the agency is aiming for higher ambitions soon. The proposed Artemis program of NASA which is said to land two of its crew members on south sides of the Moon incoming 2024 and it will pave the way to NASA primary goal of long-standing on the Moon which is planned to accomplish till 2028. It will be the start of domination of human agency on other planets, and NASA will train its crew for further exploration of MARS by this expedition of the MOON. Space X will be leading supplier and facilitator for NASA in all his upcoming space exploration missions. Elon Musk dreams of exploring MARS are never going to be undimmed. Space X has public, private and military clients for purchasing transport services, and they are also funding it to invest more for a space probe.


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