Springfit Mattress – Comfort Matters the Most While Sleeping

Ever wondered how the phrase’ sleep like a baby’ originated? Maybe, it came around because babies usually have the softest and most comfortable beds to sleep on.

Thus, when choosing a mattress, the texture and material are of prime importance. Since an improper sleeping posture can lead to poor sleep and back problems, you should be careful when you select a new Springfit mattress for your family.

A Springfit mattress is known to provide good comfort and comes with a range of options such as Memory foam, Bonnell Springs, Pocket Springs, and Reactive Foam.

So, what makes a Springfit Mattress an excellent sleeping companion, even as it leaves competitors like a Durfi mattress far behind?

Let’s look at the reasons why a Springfit mattress is streets ahead of all the other mattresses:

1. Material

A Springfit mattress comes with cotton as well as quilted covers. You can choose from a wide variety of materials such as Memory Foam, Soft PU Foam, Soft HR Foam and many more. The brand also uses these materials in combinations, so you get the most comfortable mattress to sleep on. Thus, you will get the right mix of softness, firmness, and structural integrity in every Springfit mattress.

2. Temperature regulation

Most mattresses lack ventilation technology. But a Springfit mattress uses AeroSleep technology to increase air circulation within the product. This prevents the mattress from getting too hot or cold and keeps it in a comfortable temperature zone. This is a good example of how Springfit’s research and technology helps you get the best, uninterrupted sleep every night. This is also why a Springfit mattress is a better choice for you than a Durfi mattress.

3. Motion transfer

If two people are sharing a mattress, there is something known as Rolling Effect that can spoil the sleeping experience for both individuals. But a Springfit mattress avoids this issue by using Pocket Springs technology.

Pocket Springs technology features springs that are not wired together and work independently. This means that the tension state of one spring does not affect the tension state of another spring. Thus, every person using the mattress gets personalised back support and ample space to sleep.

4. Durability and noise

Springfit mattresses are known to be one of the most durable in the industry. Although the durability depends on the specific model you’re using, on average, you can expect a life of at least 5 years from your Springfit mattress. 

If you’re concerned about squeaking mattress noises disturbing your sleep, a Springfit mattress is just what you need. No matter how many times you toss and turn, the mattress design ensures that there will be no sound except for that of your snoring.

Types of Springfit mattresses

These days, there are many choices if you want to buy an advanced mattress. Some options you can consider 

  • Memory foam mattresses
  • Orthopaedic mattresses
  • Natural latex mattresses
  • Spring mattresses

Springfit has dominated the spring mattresses segment by providing the perfect combination of materials and features needed for a sound sleep. A Springfit product offers you many features of Durfi Mattress or a Wakefit mattress.

Let’s take a look at the top two Springfit mattresses you can go for:

1. Springfit Pro-Activ Flow Double Pocket Spring Mattress

This is the perfect mattress if you are looking for high-end comfort when you hit the sack. It comprises eight layers, of which four are exclusively HR foam. This Springfit mattress comes with Pocket springs for posture-friendly support and proper air circulation for temperature control. This product is highly durable and also resistant to sagging.

2. Springfit Club Class Grande 7 Layered Latex Foam Mattress

The Club Class series of Springfit mattresses are designed for orthopedic benefits. Even though there’s only one layer of Pocket Springs in this mattress (for posture correction), it comes with three additional foam layers. These layers include HR foam, AeroSleep Memory Foam, and a special pressure-relieving foam. The pressure-relieving foam greatly helps in reducing backache and providing the most comfortable sleep.



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