Studying in Dubai: What to Know?

The UAE is an excellent choice if you are looking to pursue your studies. International schools in the country are plenty and offer an excellent curriculum for students who might be transitioning in the middle of the academic school year. 

If you are checking out which ones accept school admissions in Dubai, here’s some of what you need to consider. By going over these things, you’ll know what to expect and what steps you can take to help your kids prepare for when they start going to school in Dubai. 

Learn the Code of Conduct

Before anything else, make sure you and your kids are familiar with the code of conduct. Familiarity with the do’s and don’ts while in the city will help you keep your family out of trouble with the law. Sending your kids to a school in the city means you’ll want to be aware of these things, so you won’t have to worry about your family doing anything to warrant a confrontation with the law. 

Find a Suitable Home 

If you’re moving to the country along with your family, make sure you look for suitable accommodation. Find a home that’s conveniently near your place of work and your children’s school or at least one that’s a compromise between the two. Even if the classes are online at this point, that setup is not going to last forever. Make sure you pick a school that’s accessible, so when students start going in for in-person classes, your children won’t have to suffer through long travel times just to get to their lessons. 

Know the Weather Conditions 

Learn more about the country’s weather conditions. If your home country has four seasons, being in Dubai might be a huge adjustment for you and your family. Talking to your kids about the weather and what they can expect will help. Just like any other country, Dubai schools declare the dismissal of classes during bad weather, especially during heavy rains. Most people are surprised to find out that it also rains heavily in the city during the rainy season. However, the weather is predominantly hot, with temperatures that reach 50 degrees in June, July, and August. AC systems are a staple at homes and schools to ensure the comfort of the students so you won’t have to worry that your kids might be at risk of heatstroke at school. 

Research About the Seven Emirates

The UAE has 7 emirates. Two of these, Abu Dhabi and Dubai, are the most famous. Every emirate has a different leader along with a different set of laws, too. Look into the opportunities and learning lifestyles that each of these emirates offers. Dubai’s welcoming nature to expats is one reason why it’s one of the best places for foreign students, though. 

Check Out the Education System

Learn more about the admission process of the schools. What exams are recognized? Which grading system does the school use? The medium of instruction in many of the international schools is English. You’ll want to dig deeper in this area as any information will help you choose the right school for your kids. 

Consider the Curriculum

Some of the international schools use the same curriculum you have in your home country. That’s an advantage as it reduces the amount of work that your children will have to take on, especially if they transfer in the middle of an academic school year. Not all schools allow that, though, so check on that detail first. 

Look at the Teaching Staff

Do the teachers have teaching credentials? What are their qualifications? More than that, are they passionate about the job? Do they care about the students? Check on reviews and feedback to get insight into the classes. Are many of the parents satisfied? What about the students? Are they happy? 

Browse Over the Calendar

Don’t hesitate to pay a visit to the school’s website and check out its school calendar. What are the major exams that the students will undergo? What are the extracurricular activities that it has planned for the year? Even with the pandemic going on, many schools are able to carry out PE classes online. Factor that in when you look for schooling options. 

See the Electives 

Don’t forget to look over the list of electives that the school offers. Some have language learning as part of the program. The practical benefits of allowing your child to learn another language are tremendous. Being bilingual or even multilingual promotes better brain development in kids. It also opens up a lot of opportunities. For instance, learning Arabic while in Dubai means your kids can work in the country later on. They will have an easier time communicating, they can make friends and build relationships. By learning another language, their lives will be all the richer and better for it. 

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