Breast Lift Surgery

Ten Things to Know About Breast Lift Surgery

A breast lift or Mastopexy is a surgery that changes the shape of the breasts. During a breast lift, a plastic surgeon removes extra skin and reshapes breast tissue to lift the breasts.

If your breasts sag or your nipples point down, you might decide to have a breast lift. A breast lift could also make you feel better and boost your confidence. However, this plastic surgery will not make your breasts bigger or smaller, but it can be done as a part of either breast enlargement or reduction.

Let’s take a look at some common things about this surgical procedure.

Ten things to know about breast lift surgery

Here are ten things that you should know about breast lift surgery –

1. The only way to fix droopy breasts is to get a breast lift

If your breasts have started to sag, you may have tried different exercises, creams, and devices that tighten the skin to fix the problem.

Unfortunately, these do not make a significant difference (if any). Breasts are made of fat tissue, so working on the pectoral muscles underneath won’t change the breast tissue itself. On the other hand, a breast lift, also known as a mastopexy, is a safe and effective way to make breasts look like they did when you were young.

2. A breast lift will not make your breasts bigger

A breast uplift will change the shape of your breasts and get rid of flatness in the upper pole, but it won’t make them bigger. If you also want to change the size of your breasts, you can get breast implants or a fat transfer. In such a scenario, your plastic surgeon will need to add more volume with either implants or fat transfer.

3. Your breast size won’t go down after a breast lift

Just like an uplift won’t make your breasts bigger, it also won’t make them smaller. A mastopexy is done to reshape and move the breast tissue and get rid of any extra skin. No breast tissue is removed during the procedure. You can combine a breast lift with a breast reduction if you want your breasts to be smaller. For women with large breasts, a reduction can make it less likely that their breasts will sag again and make the effects of an uplift last longer.

4. There will be scars after a breast lift

There are three well-known ways to do a breast lift, and the way your surgeon does it will depend on how much your breasts have sagged, how big they are, and where your nipple is. For mild sagging, the scars will be around the areola and, if necessary, vertically down the breast (in the shape of a lollipop). When the breasts are just a little bit sagging, the lollipop incision needs to be extended a little into the fold under the breasts. When there is a lot of sagging, the incision under the breasts will be longer and shaped like an anchor. In the end, all scars are covered up as much as possible and will fade over time.

5. You’ll have to take some time off

If you only have an uplift and no implants, it’s surprising how quickly you can heal. Because the surgery only affects fat and skin, not muscle, it is less invasive and causes less pain. After surgery, you can move around in a few hours. Pain meds help with muscle pain, nerve pain, and inflammation, but you can’t work out or lift anything heavy for the first four weeks after surgery.

6. Before a breast lift, you must stop smoking

Your doctor will tell you not to smoke for three weeks before and after surgery. It’s essential for breast uplift surgery since the skin needs to be cut away to be lifted and tightened. During this process, normal blood flow is limited, so the blood that is still flowing must get enough oxygen.

7. You will still be able to breastfeed after getting a breast lift

Most of the time, a breast lift won’t make it hard for a woman to breastfeed. A skilled surgeon will be able to limit the nerve damage as much as possible. It is important because nerves make hormones like prolactin and oxytocin come out. Prolactin and oxytocin affect how much milk is made and when it comes out. It’s best to wait at least 18 months after a breast lift to conceive, and it gives your nerves time to heal.

8. A breast lift can help you look better all around

A breast uplift procedure can enhance your look, making you look slimmer and more balanced. But you may have gained fat below or above your bra, which takes away from the shape of your new breasts.

9. You will have to go back to the clinic for care after the surgery

After the procedure, you need to revisit the clinic after a week for four weeks to get a lymphatic drainage massage. It will reduce the swelling and speed up the healing process.

10. It can make sense to wait a while before getting a breast lift

Breast lift is a procedure that has a very high satisfaction rate, but it’s important to know that the results can be undone by weight loss, weight gain, and pregnancy. So, you should ask yourself whether or not now is the right time to have the surgery.

Parting thoughts

Following breast lift surgery, you will notice the difference instantly; over the next few months, the breasts will change shape and become more stable. Keeping a healthy, stable weight can help you sustain the changes you’ve made. Hopefully, this guide has enough information to give you an outline of what this plastic surgery procedure entails.

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