The Benefits of Learning Bhangra Dance

Reet riwaz, tradition and rituals are considered to be an essential part of culture and Bhangra is considered to be an important part of Punjab’s culture. Since India and Indians are known for their culture and cultural appropriation is something that helps people from various diversities understand other cultures better, it’s important to pay some attention to this dance form. A mandate in every Indian wedding, Bhangra dance is an enthusiastic dance form that is the favourite of many and is not restricted to Punjabis anymore. It has gained even more popularity especially amongst people trying to lose weight and stay fit. Yes, Bhangra has many benefits and we will be talking about them here but first let’s talk about the different types of Bhangra.

Types of Bhangra

The joviality and enthusiasm of the people of Punjab reflects clearly in their folk dances. The dance steps and body movements clearly speak of the uninhibited nature and the freedom that flows in dance. Let’s now learn about the different types of Bhangra that have been in practice since time immemorial.

  • Traditional Bhangra

This type of Bhangra originated in the Sialkot district of Majha. Majha. The traditional dance that was done in and around Sialkot district was considered as the standard form of Bhangra dance. The traditional form of Bhangra has been retained by the people of Gurdaspur and is performed in a circle with traditional dance steps.

  • Free Form Traditional Bhangra

In the 1950s there were some modifications in the traditional form of Bhangra which the Maharaja of Patiala patronized when he requested a staged performance of Bhangra. Free form traditional Bhangra developed through the stage performances and incorporates traditional Bhangra dance steps and also incorporates steps from other dance forms like Jhummar, Dhamaal, and Luddi.

  • Bhangra Currently

Bhangra in the present day is not just a dance form but also a form of workout that people indulge in to stay fit and for weight control. Not just that Bhangra also boosts mental health and its fun and not the conventional style of workout which is why people are even more intrigued and interested in Bhangra these days.

This was all about the types of Bhangra but do you know it also has many health benefits? Let us tell you about the health benefits of Bhangra.

Health Benefits of Bhangra

The health benefits of Bhangra are not limited to physicality but there are also many mental benefits that come along with learning Bhangra. Let’s learn about them.

  • Physical Benefits

The physical benefits of learning Bhangra Dance are that if performed for longer durations, it increases stamina and muscle strength. It also helps in weight control and enhances the way you look.

  • Mental Benefits

As we have said before, learning Bhangra does not only have physical benefits but also boosts your mental health. If you join Bhangra classes then this would be a group or social activity where you can meet new people and make friends. Not just that, it’s common knowledge that dance releases endorphins and so does Bhangra which makes it great for the mind.

Now you know about the many benefits of learning Bhangra dance and how it helps you stay fit and healthy. If you want to now join Bhangra classes and be more consistent and want a more enthusiastic environment to practice Bhangra then do it with FITPASS– India’s largest network of gyms and fitness studios that offers you the freedom to workout wherever and whenever you want. You can choose from 1,50,000+ workout sessions and 5,500+ gyms and fitness studios across the country.

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