The Color Psychology How To Pick Paint Colors

Colors are not just used to enhance the aesthetics and make your home attractive. But they also have the power to change the size and shape of a room. Also, it can affect the mood, feelings, and emotions of the people. Color psychology is a real thing that can convert our house into pleasant homes. The way how you decorate, furnish, and color the interiors of your home reflects your personality. At the same time, the interior color of an organization reflects its goals and values. However, color selection for home or office is a daunting process. However, you can hire painting services in Dubai to make this work more comfortable and achieve the best results.



According to an institute of color research, people judge an environment or product subconsciously within 90 seconds of viewing it. Similarly, the psychology of colors is critical when selecting colors for the interior of your home. Before choosing a room color, you must consider the room’s primary function then wisely choose paint accordingly. To help you understand the effects of different colors, we enlist some paint colors and what it does to a room.

1. Blue

 Blue is the color that symbolizes the sky and heaven. Thus it is known as a calming, relaxing, and cool shade. Because of the calming effect, the blue color is best to use in bedrooms and bathrooms. In Dubai, where summer is too hot, you can use this color to create a soothing and calm effect. The blue color also promotes creativity and helps concentrate, making it a perfect color for the workplace.

 2. Red

 The red color is the right choice for the rooms you want to get ready for socializing and feel energized. This color is associated with passion, energy, excitement, and romance. The medium shades of red can be used in the kitchen or dining room to excite the appetite. While in the living room, it can increase the energy level. But keep in mind not to overdo red color as it can also stimulate feelings of rage and aggression.

3. Yellow

The yellow color represents inspiration, happiness, optimism, and sunshine. The lighter shade of yellow can visually expand the smaller rooms or entryways. Yellow is a perfect color for places that have plenty of natural light. In entrances, the yellow color is a welcoming sign. You can use darker shades with neutral colors; it makes a perfect match for accent walls. Remember, it is a color that makes babies cry more, so never use it in nursery or baby rooms. The dark and more saturated shades can irritate people and make them more argumentative, so never overdo dark shades.

 4. Orange

The blue color symbolizes warmth, balance, enthusiasm, and vibrancy. Similar to red, it can evoke energy levels and excitement. When paired with earthy tones or brown, it is perfect for living rooms providing visual comfort, and engaging people in long conversations. Moreover, if you have a gym in your house, the orange color on its walls can make you feel energized and alert. There are many shades of orange you can choose from, from peach to pumpkin orange and terra cotta.

 5. Green

If you are looking for a color to create a sense of calmness, then green is the perfect color. It is known as the most soothing color for eyes because of its association with nature, spring, and vegetation. You can bring energy to a room by painting it in a shade of lime green. In living or dining rooms, green color can help you to unwind and relax. Additionally, it can relieve anxiety and depression. For bedrooms, you should make the green color closer to blue to create a relaxing environment. While in bathrooms, you can pair it with aqua blue accessories to get a spa-like feel.

 6. Pink

 Even though pink is a red color hue, it has a different effect on your mood and emotions. It is a delicate shade of red color family. It is associated with innocence, femininity, and romance. The vibe of your room depends upon the shade of pink you use. If you use bright pink, it reflects glamour and energy. However, a softer shade of pink like blush pink can provide a soothing effect. Pink is a color that balances itself well when used with other colors. Thus, for selecting perfect contrasts that match your furnishing, you can hire painting services in Dubai.


7. White

White color does not mean bland if used correctly. Designers most like it because of its strength. As it helps to make a place look more spacious and airy. Besides, it creates a refreshing feeling and represents cleanliness. When you use white color for walls, it is better to use a colorful sofa, pillows, and large colorful pies of art behind the couch to add more colors and make your room aesthetically beautiful.

There is a long list of colors except these discussed in the article. Before selecting paint colors for your home, explore more options, and choose those colors that reflect your personality. If you find the color selection a complicated process, you can hire painting services in Dubai. They have expert painters who can give your home or office perfect suggestions.

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