The most famous and top VPN for the year 2020


What is a VPN, we need to understand…!           

We often hear the word VPN, but we never know what is VPN. Vpn stands for a virtual private network. The virtual private network provides you with the online connection method. The main aim of a VPN is to provide full privacy and secure connection, not only this VPN ensures anonymity through making a private and secretive network from a public internet connection.

A virtual private network disguises and covers your IP address which is your internet protocol and due to this covering of IP address whatever online activity you perform becomes virtually untraceable. However, the VPN facility form protected, secure and encrypted connections to ensure more privacy which is even more secure than a Wi-Fi hotspot.

There is an increase in the usage of personal VPN because more the contacts and interactions which were earlier happening directly, one on one has been transformed and switched to the internet. However, nowadays, there is an increase in privacy, so with the virtual private network, they replace the first IP address of the user with the IP address of the virtual private network provider. From any gateway city of the VPN service provider, the subscribers can get the IP address. Most of the students around the world use VPN to subscribe to services like nursing essay writing service UK to hide their personal details and location.


Why the subscribers or any other individual need to use the VPN.

There is not only one reason that you need a VPN; there are many factors that contribute to the need for a VPN. However, the most important factor you need to have VPN is that it conceals and hides one IP address, as due to the connection to the virtual private network it hides and masks your actual IP address.

The second factor is that the data which is transferred through the VPN is encrypted and coded data. It happens because the virtual private network will secure the data you as an individual has transmitted over a public and unrestricted Wi-Fi. Moreover, when you use the VPN what it does it that it alters your IP address which means that it changes your IP with the different IP address. not only this usage of VPN will also secure and make your location undetectable as by using the virtual private network it allows the users to make a choice that which country of origin they want to use for their internet connection. Last but not least most importantly the reason why individuals prefer to use the VPN and why it is popular nowadays because it gives the users access to those websites even which are blocked in your country by the government. So with the help of VPN, it allows the users to use even those websites which are either ban or restricted in your belonging country.

However, in the digital and market of VPN, there are best VPN providers let’s look into it that which VPNs are best.

  1. Surfshark: it is one of the best virtual network providers, it possesses some fantastic features such as it has a large number of servers, like more than 1700, they own 63 server locations, they belong to the British Virgin Islands, and along with the 2-year plan they offer their users amazing 81% discounts. The company supports a wide range of apps on Mac, window, iOS and Android, and much more. it also gives you access to Netflix so that users could enjoy an amazing series.
  2. NordVPN: it is one of the most recognized companies and not only this, they are reliable and secure for their users. It consists of 5000 number of IP addresses, owns more than 5200 servers, and have 62 server location. It belongs to the jurisdiction of Panama and provides services to 62 countries. Moreover, they also have a 2-year plan with a 68% discount. To ensure their users that they are fully reliable, they conducted a test in which it proved that there is no privacy leak and it is speed is unfailingly fast.
  3. CyberGhost VPN: again, it provides an amazing virtual private network that provides services throughout the world, like in more than 90 countries. They have 112 server locations and their jurisdiction in Romania, and it has collaboration with the UK parent company. They offer two and 3-year plans for their users. They also provide their users with five simultaneous connections. It is also cheap and inexpensive in terms of providing their services. CyberGhost enforces no data caps and permits limitless server substituting.
  4. Hotspot Shield: it is one of the most famous and renowned VPN, not only this it provides remarkable and incredible facilities. It has about 50,000 number of IP addresses. It has 3200 number of servers. It provides its services to 80 plus countries, and it offers three years plan to its customers. It is reliable and guarantees its services, but if the users do not like their services due to any reason, they also have a money-back system. This company has done an outstanding job of keeping privacy as it has published privacy canary. And it has built-in function malware, phishing, and spam protection. And it never stores your login information and never shares your true IP address.
  5. Goose VPN: it has a standout feature that also allows its users to have access to a limitless number of simultaneous connections through the usage of the VPN at just the once. If we see it in terms of cost or prices, is low and inexpensive too. As it provides it users one year, two year and monthly plan too so that customers may get the connection according to their feasibility. It not only supports iOS, Mac, and Android, but it also caters to Windows users. Moreover, additionally, it also backs for the router, Linux, and Android TV.

Conclusion: the above mention virtual providing network is a few of the best VPNs, which the users can trust them blindly and use it as it is safe to use and their services are provided by the best and reliable companies that deliver whatever they promise for. They never disappoint and ensure that their user’s IPs are safe with them and none of the sensitive information is leaked ever.

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