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The Perfect Guide For Composite Decking In Your Modern Home

Composite decking combines leftover wood fiber, recyclable polymers, and bonding chemicals to create synthetic deck planks. Composite decks provide greater design flexibility and require less maintenance than traditional wood decking. Compared to wood decking, composite decking demands less upkeep, is more durable, adheres tightly to wood decks. 

These deckings are available in a wide range of hues. Due to their use of recyclable resources, composite deck boards are beneficial to the environment. They are more expensive than other conventional materials. Excluding installation fees, the average cost of composite decking is $5 per square foot. The composite decking suppliers Melbourne price is affordable with us. Contact us to install decks on your patio. 

Why Do Many Homes Go For Composite Decking? 

Although composite decking may be more expensive than most wood options, the product has better value. Your deck will outlast those made of timber even though you’ll spend a lot less time and money maintaining it. The cost-effectiveness of composite materials for trim and decking. The labour required to install composite is equivalent to that required wood, which rots and needs constant upkeep and with minimal maintenance,composite decking can last between 25 and 30 years.. We provide the best facilities for composite decking in Melbourne

Comparable to composite decking, plastic decking has an average life expectancy of 30 years.. Conglomerate and composite decks are well-liked for their attractive qualities and ease of upkeep. When composite decking is used, homeowners may enjoy their decks more and spend less time maintaining them. 

How To Prevent Your Composite Decking From Moulding? 

In Australia, it frequently pours when it rains. People find mould in various locations around their homes because of moist and humid weather. Unfortunately, unexpected mould can grow on your deck during heavy rain and flooding. We are Australia’s leading decking supplier in Melbourne. Trust us with your decking. 

There are things to prevent mould growth or get rid of any that you find. The following are some of the finest methods for cleaning mould off your deck:

Power Washer

Although the concept of utilizing a pressure washer is simple, there is an art to it if you want to prevent harm. For a pressure clean to be successful, you must judge your distance from the surface you’re spraying on and your hose pressure.

Eco-Friendly Options

Natural remedies are excellent for the environment and are less likely to harm your deck, and they can be a starting point for cleaning your deck of mould.

  • In a spray bottle, combine two cups of water and 3% of Tea Tree Oil. 
  • After applying, wait 20 minutes before lightly cleaning with a damp sponge. 
  • Dry the area.
  • Two hundred fifty milliliters of baby oil should be diluted with 1/4 teaspoon of clove oil, shaken, and sprayed. 

You can avoid all this hassle by installing eco decking Melbourne from us. 

Hire A Professional

Think about hiring a professional cleaner. They draw from experiences and products, giving you peace of mind while saving time. Find out whether your professional cleaner has any experience cleaning mould off decks. We are the best composite decking suppliers Melbourne, and we trust the process.

grey composite decking
Image Sources : Tuffdeck Australia


Like wood decking planks, composite decking can be cut, screwed, and fastened, but it cannot be power-washed, shaped, or sanded. Modern composite boards have UV ray coating inhibitors and borate preservatives to withstand fading, moisture, and mould. To make composite boards lighter and more resource-efficient, use hollow cores. Some are machined with tongues and grooves, while others have hidden fastening grooves for attaching to deck joists. You don’t have to be concerned about warping, knots, cracks, or other flaws when working with composite decking because it is a synthetic product. 

Aside from that, you never have to treat wood for termites or carpenter ants because it is resistant to insect damage. When they screw the boards to the deck joists, they securely hold them in place by clipping into the grooves. They generate a clear deck surface and are simple to use. If the decking is too simple, then go for grey composite decking or white composite decking. Allow us to supply decks or install them for you.

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