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Trekking to the Himalayas in India indeed is a journey of self-recognition of sar pass trek and an adventure of a lifetime! It is certain that an individual will have one of the most exciting and at the same time soothing feelings ever. Just recall it’s no longer the mountain one triumph over, but themselves. Surging a summit fills you with lots of self-confidence. It makes one wonder about the boring lives they had in cities.

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Sar Pass Trek is a frozen glacial lake on the course of trekking starting from Tila Lotni to Biskeri Bridge through this small pass. It offers one with the beautiful scenery of the snow-covered mountains and serene streams and rivulets. One can also cross the Rhododendron forest in the Parvati Valley in Kasol. One will enjoy the trekking experience with the Sar Pass trek. It provides one with an adventure to trek at a grade of moderate to easy. The final destination of this trek is directed towards the end of Pulga. The Sar Pass trek can also be referred a pre and post-monsoon trek.

Because of its ease of difficulty, this trek is perfect for first-time trekkers. It is a classic choice for those who want to explore a variety of terrains all in one trek. This trail offers trekkers a range of experiences, including forests, quaint villages, meadows, and snow-covered mountains.

  • Experience the amazing views and local legends of these spectacular snow-capped peaks.
  • Get a chance to explore the wild and exotic vegetation of the Himalayas. Pink rhododendrons painting the trails at various points is definitely a sight not to be missed.
  • Challenge to explore the thrill of various ascends and descends.
  • Immerse in the breathtaking view from the top of Sar Pass.
  • The lavish green meadows of Biskeri Thatch would exceptionally persuade one to yearn for more.
  • Bring back a lot of souvenirs and memories from this journey along.

Difficulty of the trek

Sar Pass Trek is said to be the ultimate trek for beginners. This is because one can experience all kinds of trails, and go through Himalayan old-fashioned and attracting villages, wide and narrow meadows, and forests.

One gets to experience terrain varieties on this trek and its starting point is Kasol, away from cities. People from different areas visit this place and it’s a popular tourist destination.

Beauty in abundance in the Sar Pass trek is another highlight. Sar Pass has got inherent beauty, adventure, peace, and everything! Begin from Kasol and trek through the rich forest to reach Grahan village. The views of Parvati valley are spellbinding and will leave anyone speechless. Trek through Biskeri Thach, a wide meadow, and this trek will take one to the heavenly Sar Pass.

Some of the highlights of the Sar Pass trek

The base camp for this trek is Manali, which is situated near the Parvati river’s banks in the Parvati valley. The trek to Sar officially starts in Kasol, a town popular for its pretty coniferous forest and mountain streams. The trek trails through dense forests and later progresses to a total snow-covered setting. The trail then further loops through pining forests, majestic snow-capped mountains, charming old-world villages, and some of the most breathtaking scenery.

Rhododendrons thrive in the forest near the descent and the trekkers can expect to be taken aback by the breathtaking scenery. The Nagaru campsite which is also the highest point during this entire trek is blessed with beautiful mountains across the Parvati valley. It arrives after the Shepard trail of Mung Thatch. Hikers pass through several small meadows, most of which are grazed by villagers with their livestock during the trek.

Things to Look out for-

  • This trek is certain to provide unrivaled feelings of accomplishment.
  • Various villages with many opportunities to interact with the locals will keep the trekkers entertained throughout the journey.
  • Explore the fascinating forest of rhododendrons.
  • Various ascents and descents will encourage one to put your endurance to the test and eventually overcome them.
  • The beautiful view of snow-covered trails and peaks from the top is well worth the effort trekkers will expend on their journey.
  • Camping under the clear night sky filled with stars itself is an experience in and of itself.


It is important to have proper gear & clothing for sub-zero temperatures. One got to see so many heavenly bodies in one place like the panoramic view of the mountains of Parvati Valley, can see pine forests and different varieties of flora and fauna.

It would be nice to spare time in interaction with the local team which helps the trekkers to know about some of the ancient tales of Indian mythology and local cultures.

Sar Pass is a beautiful Himalayan Trek located in the state of Himachal Pradesh and begins from the lovely village of Kasol. This trek allows one to witness part of the Himalayas, which is covered in lush green and pristine white.


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