What are the Things to Do in Geneva?

With its famous plume of water, Lake Geneva will draw your attention to promenades and beautiful waterside gardens, with Mont Salève in the backdrop. Geneva remains a diplomatic hotspot, hosting organizations’ meetings such as the United Nations and the Red Cross. At CERN, experts from many fields join together to address the major scientific problems of our time. We will also tell you how you can get Cheap Flights To Geneva , so keep reading.

Central Europe

The biggest lake in Central Europe brings the Alps’ drama and awe-inspiring natural magnificence to the city’s heart. Nobody could blame you for wanting to get out there and see it for yourself, and the best way to do so is to take a boat from the dock at Genève-Mt-Blanc. The beauty of the lake influenced the architecture of the city itself, as a promenade was created along the coast in the mid-nineteenth century. Compare Geneva Flight Fare on different dates, and book in lowest fare dates if necessary.

Vieille Ville

The historical town is densely packed with intriguing little nooks, fountains, observation terraces, and historic landmarks. Allow a few hours to satisfy your curiosity about Switzerland’s most important landmark center. The Vielle Ville, formerly enclosed by military walls, winds its way around the hill crowned by the cathedral. Going about on these steep cobblestone alleys and stairways is tiring but worthwhile. The 18th-century philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau was born here, and Bourg-de-Four has a mix of fascinating old buildings on a beautiful square where cattle markets traded in medieval times. Pre Book your tickets to get Cheap tickets to Geneva.

The Art and History Museum’s Maison Tavel

The Art and History Museum’s Maison Tavel is a historic home on Rue du Puits-Saint-Pierre in the center of the Old Town. Each chamber tells you something about the history of Geneva. The basements, kitchen, and rooms are all decorated in various eras, with historical furniture, paintings, and everyday objects on display. A video showing the city’s growth is projected onto a relief model of Geneva’s natural environs on the top level.

United Nations Office

Each year, it holds hundreds of international meetings and is also accessible for hour-long guided tours in 15 languages. Naturally, your degree of access will vary according to the meeting schedule. Still, it will generally include the Human Rights and Alliance of Civilizations Room, the massive Assembly Hall, the Salle des Pas Perdus, and the Council Chamber, where historic talks between states have occurred.

Geneva Cathedral

The structure is significantly older than its present Neoclassical façade, going back to the 12th century. Geneva Cathedral is one of those sacred monuments that requires as much time as you have available. It has been John Calvin’s home church, and his personal chair looks as though he had just gotten up from it. The cathedral was erected on top of numerous previous constructions, including a fourth-century basilica. At the archaeological site, these and other old artifacts may be researched underground.


Historic scientific investigations are being conducted at the world’s largest particle physics facility. The European Organization for Nuclear Research offices are in the Geneva neighborhood of Meyrin, west of the city center. There are also two museum exhibits about the institution and its research. The visitor center offers tours of the facility’s many regions that explain the mind-boggling science in more layman’s terms. The other goes into great detail on the particle accelerator and the hunt for the Higgs boson. One covers current practical applications of CERN’s work, such as in medical imaging.

Les Grottes

This centrally located neighborhood is home to one-tenth of all Genevans. Les Grottes may challenge your perceptions of Geneva as a sophisticated and orderly city since this district is chaotic, youthful, and bohemian. Even though Les Grottes has been gentrified in recent years, it remains a relatively inexpensive area to reside in, given its proximity to the city center. Explore this neighborhood for cafés, theatres, movies, and out-of-the-way independent stores, but also to see Les Schtroumpfs.

Musée Ariana

A museum dedicated to ceramics and glassware is housed in a Neo-Baroque castle near the United Nations Palais des Nations. Gustave Revilliod, an art collector, founded the Musée Ariana in the 1880s and named it after his mother. Earthenware, stoneware, china, porcelain, and pottery are all represented. The exhibition of Japanese and Chinese porcelain from the 1500s to the 1700s, produced for export and providing light on commerce and the interaction between civilizations at the time, is perhaps the most intriguing.

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