Tips for Packing and Moving Your Bike

Packing and moving goods from one place to another is a hectic task because one has to make sure of shifting all the items safely. Even a single mistake during the move could cost them a lot. Hence, it is important to pack and move the goods safely. Especially the fragile items and vehicles that they are taking along with the other goods.

Vehicle shifting should be done with utmost care as the chances of damages are higher. Hence, one should be careful while shifting a two-wheeler.

One can also hire professional packers and movers in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, or any other cities in India that provide bike transportation services. Because they guarantee safe delivery of the bike at the desired location.

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But, when moving your household items with your motorcycle then here are the things that you must follow to pack and move your bike without a single scratch.

Easy Bike Packing and Moving Tips

Start early

As you know that packing is the most time-consuming phase of the relocation process hence, you should start doing it as early as possible. Most people use their bike or two-wheelers till the last minute of moving. But this shouldn’t be done if you are planning to take your bike along with you because then the engine will remain hot and you will not be able to pack it.

One should give enough rest to his bike otherwise the engine will be hot and he’ll not get enough packing time. Give rest to your bike at least two days before moving so that the engine will become shift-ready.

Pack your bike

If you think you can parcel your bike without packing it then you are mistaking, because packing your motorcycle is very important. You should remove all the accessories of the vehicle that could be either get damaged itself or damage the bike. So, remove everything like a rear-view mirror, etc. Then use good packaging materials, it is said that good quality bubble wrap and packing tapes are a must-have to wrap your bike to avoid any scratches and damages during transportation.

There are many professional packers and movers available in the market who can pack your vehicle using high-quality packaging materials. Also, they are well-aware of the right tricks and methodologies to pack a bike. So, you can get help from professional movers and packers to ensure the safe packaging of your bike.

Empty the tank

Make sure the tank is empty before you pack your bike because you cannot transport your bike with petrol. Petrol is highly inflammable in nature and can be very dangerous during the move hence; the petrol tank should be emptied before packing and transporting the bike.

Use packing tapes and bubble wrap

These two things are essential for rigid packing. Bubble wrap prevents the goods from damaging and even from minor scratches. And use packing tapes to secure the wrapping. This will help you to get your bike in the same condition your bike was in.

Safe packing of fragile parts

You know that packing your bike carefully is important, but there are some essential parts of the bike that should be given extra concentration. The mirror and the indicator lights of the bike are fragile parts and prone to damages hence, you should pack these parts with extra care. Use the bubble wrap to cover them carefully.

Handling of the bikes

Always remember that from packing to loading the bikes, it is really important to safely handle the bikes. Mishandling could lead to damages. So, carefully handle your bike while removing the accessories, packing, loading, and unloading.

Packing and moving a two-wheeler is not an easy task, so should opt for hiring professional packers and movers. They know how to safely pack the bike and move. Also, they have the right equipment and packing materials that they use to pack, load, and unload the bike. The safety of your bike or scooty will be guaranteed.

If you want to know who are the best packers and movers in Delhi NCR or other cities in India for bike transportation service, then you can rely on a few online moving portals like and Such portals work as a guiding partner in selecting the right vehicle transport service provider in India by referring a list of certified and verified moving companies.

Well, keeping all the things in mind and doing it properly that we discussed above will help you to safely transport your two-wheeler. And if not, then do not worry as professional packers are always there to help you with transporting your bike by road. You can also parcel your bike via train, but that’s actually a bit costly and risky process. Most people avoid doing that and hire the best bike transport company in India for transporting the bikes hassle-freely.

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