Top 10 English Writing Course in Delhi

Delhi is the capital of India. Many tourists visit here to enrich themselves with our culture and ancient traditional tombs in Delhi. Apart from Hindi, English is the basic language used to communicate among the communities to express their views and ideas. This is one of the major reasons why we can find many institutions offering English writing course in Delhi.
You may be surprised and ask to communicate why we need to know English writing. The fact lies here, the one who is good at writing is considered to be the best in communication. So, learning English writing can help you communicate effectively with anyone around you efficiently with proper grammar.

Top 10 English Writing Course in Delhi

1. Henry Harvin

Your ability and confidence as an English writer will improve after taking the English Writing Course by Henry Harvin. Additionally, it will improve your capacity for swift and effortless reading of challenging literature. You will be able to compose lengthy English sentences and paragraphs swiftly and efficiently after completing the English Writing Course.
You can better grasp accents and the local word list by scheduling dedicated speaking sessions with native speakers. Also, Henry Harvin offers help in getting ready for international English exams like the TOEFL and IELTS.

Henry Harvin’s English Writing Course follows the Common European Framework (CEFR), which has specific levels.

Levels included in English writing course

A1: The Beginners Level – This level covers the fundamentals of English, including words, rudimentary sentence structure, and pronunciation.

A2: Pre-intermediate Level – Students learn about sentence construction, grammatical rules, sentence reading, etc. at this level.

B1: The Intermediate Level – A student will learn reading and writing in English at this level. English sentence and phrase structure will be taught to the students.

B2: The Upper Intermediate Level – At this level, students learn the key concepts in lengthy texts and chapters. The students will begin speaking in English more frequently.

C1: The Advanced Level – A student will be able to handle challenging texts and speeches at this level in the English Writing course. They will be fluent in the language and have a strong command of it.

Key aspects
The English writing course is divided into the following phases –
Training – Live interactive sessions with the time distributed as 40hours from Level A1 to level B2, and 50 hours to Level C1.
Projects – Multiple assignments for writing blogs and essays, posting on social media, introducing oneself, writing emails to colleagues, implementing in the business, etc.
Internships – Experience with the English Writing Course through an internship.
Certification – Achieve the Hallmarked English Writing course certification from Henry Harvin( recognized by Govt. of India)
Placement – Enjoy a 1-Year 100% Placement Support Guarantee after satisfactory completion.
E-learning – Access a wide range of tools and techniques, videos, tests, etc.
Masterclass – access to more than 52 masterclass sessions for developing important soft skills
Hackathons – Priority access to #AskHenry competitions and hackathons.
Membership – Get a Henry Harvin Language Academy 1-Year Gold Membership for the English Writing course.

2. Coursera

English language learners who desire to write more complicated sentences should specialize in this field. You’ll learn how to recognize adverb, adjective, and noun clauses over three courses, as well as how to prevent frequent errors related to each type. Additionally, you’ll discover how to use the three different kinds of complicated sentences to convey your ideas in more elegant ways.

Key aspects
The English writing course includes lessons that are followed in each session by independent and supervised practice. An assessment to gauge your improvement is then done after practice.
Additionally, writing projects will be provided at the start and conclusion of each course, allowing you to put what you’ve learned about complicated sentences into practice. Lastly, a peer review task will provide you the chance to assess the writing of others.

3. BritishCouncil

Improve your English writing skills for the betterment of your career prospects. The English writing course at BritishCouncil is well-structured to help you prepare for the internationally recognized examination. You can become perfect at building complex sentences using appropriate vocabulary and diction. Variety of online exercises to improve your English writing skills.

Key aspects
Get trained at the on-the-go aspect of learning with personalized study plans as per your level of understanding from expert instructors.
Online English writing course offers a secure, welcoming learning environment since they were created by English language experts.
Boost your vocabulary and grammar. Utilize fun online exercises to practice business writing, listening, and reading at your own pace.

4. Udemy

You will become better at all types of writing with the aid of our English writing course. You will become better at writing emails, reports, and other written correspondence. Essays and other types of projects can benefit from improved writing. With this English writing course, you can become more proficient in all forms of English writing. You will get an idea about the English writing course with the 25+ video lessons covering key skills needed to improve your writing. Also, combine multiple quizzes and practice assignments to enhance your writing skills.
Key aspects
Grammar, punctuation, vocabulary, and writing organization are all covered in each section. Additionally, you will explore techniques and pointers for writing more clearly. With the exercises and tasks, you may put all these guidelines and tactics into effect.
By offering you video lectures, downloadable materials, quizzes, and projects, this English writing course will assist you in developing your writing.

5. Engmates

Join us as we go through a clever, dynamic, activity-based English writing course to increase our comprehension of the language. Your grammar, speaking, vocabulary, and pronunciation will all improve as a result. Your personal and professional appeal will increase if you have more confidence.
Key aspects
Learn operative grammar having essential grammar and sentence-making using proper vocabulary and diction.
Uphold your self-confidence with the push-up on the interview skills, and tips to crack the interview.
Smaller groups and individual focus. Also, practical instruction training is based on the level of student comprehension.

6. Anjujindal

You will learn the methods, techniques, and tools needed to prepare and write an easily understood language in this English writing course. By putting certain writing abilities into practice, you will also create your distinctive writing style. Formal letters, emails, proposals, precis, notices, reports, articles, and many other types of writing are covered in this course on English writing skills. You’ll be able to plan, create, and write material that is clear and effective for you.

Key aspects
A professional, business owner or beginner who wants to start a career and needs to write many documents for both their personal and professional lives can take this English writing course.
The English writing course is specifically created for professionals, business owners, and beginners who are just starting their careers and will need to write a variety of documents for both their personal and professional lives. You will develop the abilities and self-assurance needed to write effectively in English for your personal, professional, or corporate purposes.

7. WizMantra

With the assistance of skilled instructors and cutting-edge technology, WizMantra enables eager or aspirant learners to build and enhance their writing talents. You will be given enduring tasks and materials to help you become a fantastic writer with faultless vocabulary and grammar. Learning will be simple and clear because the tutors are well-trained, skilled in their professions, and multilingual.

Key aspects
You need excellent and experienced tutors to teach both the fundamentals and more complex writing techniques. Learning these abilities is required from the time you enter kindergarten and never ends.
Become proficient in writing and presenting your ideas through it to succeed in school, secondary education, higher education, internships, or in your workplace culture.

8. LearningSkills

You need excellent and experienced tutors to teach both the fundamentals and more complex writing techniques. Learning these abilities is required from the time you enter kindergarten and never ends. Become proficient in writing and presenting your ideas through it to succeed in school, secondary education, higher education, internships, or in your workplace culture.

Key aspects
Build complex and lengthy sentences using proper vocabulary and grammar knowledge. Gain confidence by improving fluency and pronunciation by following the instructions instructed by the instructors.
For candidates preparing for India’s competitive exams, this course has been created. such as the police, SSC, Banking PO, and UPSC. This course’s main goal is to aid students in developing their writing abilities.

9. Verbalhub

Whether you want to become a professional writer or just get better at writing in English for school, this course can benefit you. The course will guide you through the most important English writing styles, demonstrate how and when to employ each one, and strengthen your writing foundations in punctuation and grammar through a series of simple, easy-to-follow lessons.

Key aspects
In this English writing course, participants will learn some of the essential abilities needed to communicate successfully in writing. Through several useful exercises and insightful guidance, the training will boost confidence and improve proficiency.
Here, participants will learn some of the essential abilities needed to communicate effectively in writing. Through a variety of hands-on exercises and insightful guidance, the program will improve skills and instill confidence.

10. Inteligenes Technologies

The English writing course offers an advanced level of learning providing a variety of employment alternatives that would make your career successful and brilliant. The academy’s mission is to deliver the greatest and most efficient English language instruction possible with the goal of improving your writing skills.

Key aspects
The course is completely adaptable in terms of timing, which will improve your learning by allowing for various schedule timings.
The participants’ access to eBooks will have a direct impact on their educational experience. The ebooks will offer effective learning in grammar, expressions, passages, sentence construction, and other areas.
The courses offer several tests that allow the students to gauge their language learning status and development. A mock exam that is basically for your progress in language learning is also included in the course.

Benefits of English writing course


Writing is a way to express oneself and assess oneself. Writing in the forms and media of poetry, prose, stories, journals, and novels enables people to reflect on their most private ideas. Writing can be a hobby or a getaway for students who are immersed in rigorous studies and need some time to themselves. This aids them in understanding and verbalizing their thoughts. Students’ writing abilities are enhanced personally when they master the art of expression.
For academic achievement
Today’s academic curricula place a strong emphasis on enabling students to communicate and apply what they have learned. English writing course place a strong emphasis on assigning writing assignments like research papers, essays, reports, presentations, etc. to support the same. With these kinds of projects and assessments, writing skills improve every academic year as does the curriculum.
Helps to take a career decision
You have the opportunity to consider career alternatives based on writing because writing is so firmly ingrained in the English writing course curriculum. To focus on developing their writing abilities and getting ready for a career as a professional writer. Based on your proficiency in English writing, you can choose from a wide range of writing genres, including narrative, argumentative, research-based, creative, etc.
Concept drafting
Writing abilities are important regardless of the extent of the results. You can use it to just take notes during a lecture, online workshop, or work meeting, or you can use it to create an outline of the concept you want to communicate. Numerous steps are involved in writing. It is equally crucial at the stages of ideation and brainstorming as it is during the conclusion.

Writing in English effectively and in a properly structured manner has become a prerequisite in the modern corporate world.
The individual should also be able to write down his ideas in a suitable and fluid flow. To write perfectly, one needs to improve on vocabulary, grammar, and part-of-speech structuring, among other things.

Additionally, proper thought structuring and pauses must be observed. The intellectual and technical facets of writing are also emphasized throughout the training.
Join the smart interactive activity-based learning English writing course if you need to clarify your fundamental ideas with a better comprehension of this language. Your grammar, speaking, vocabulary, and pronunciation will all improve as a result. You will be more attractive both personally and professionally if you have greater confidence.

The English Writing Course Blueprint teaches students and professionals how to improve writing different types of content for their professional development. Writing emails, alerts, reports, blogs, and other types of material is a necessity in the workplace. You will learn the procedures to follow when writing material thanks to this method.


It is been suggested that encouraging someone to write will help them read better. As they write, students are encouraged to work on their phonics, comprehension, mechanics, voice, or perspective development, and share this perspective with others. Also, your professional development and communication abilities can be improved by taking an English writing course. Hence, an English writing course aids in the development of your writing abilities, whether it be learning to read “as a writer” (explaining why something works or why a writer might have chosen to write something in a particular way) or honing your abilities as a writer of dialogue, description, or whatever you require.

Q.1 Why is it important to take an English writing course?
Ans. Writing well helps you read better, which is another crucial professional skill. Writing better also makes you a better communicator overall. The first step in obtaining a job is to demonstrate your skills to create a strong application, CV, and cover letter.
Hence, taking English writing course from reputed institutes can help you fetch the best learning platform to enhance your career growth.

Q.2 Why do writing abilities matter so much in education and learning?
Ans. Because It Helps to foster Better Communication.
When we learn how to use writing as a means of conveying our ideas and messages clearly and directly to our listeners, we may also enhance other important aspects of communication, such as grammar, spelling, punctuation, gestures, paralinguistics, and so on.

Q.3 Which stage of writing is the most crucial?
Ans. One of the most crucial processes in the writing process is “brainstorming,” which you should never omit. You will learn about practical and useful approaches in the English writing course.

Q.4 How do you write effectively?
Ans. Effective writing is readable, which means it is precise, accurate, and brief. When writing a paper, attempt to convey your thoughts in a simple, clear, and concise manner so that the reader will quickly and easily grasp them.
Taking an English writing course can help you enhance your writing skills. The aspects taught in the institutions can help you enrich yourself with effective writing using proper grammar, punctuation, and sentences.

Q.5 Suggest one of the best institutions take an online English writing course.
Ans. You can enroll in any of the institutions mentioned above. All the above institutions are well-structured course curricula to match every student’s mindset.


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