Top 5 Healthcare App Ideas To Boost Your Business Success

COVID 19 pandemic has changed the market and industry’s way of thinking, and this majorly impacted the healthcare sector. Previously people prefer visiting doctors clinics and medical shops for consulting and taking medicines, but now people find such things unsafe and prefer to use smartphones for finding health solutions and consulting doctors.

Gminsights stated that mHealth Market size was evaluated over USD 30.2 billion in 2018 and is anticipated to witness more than 38.5% CAGR from 2019 to 2025.

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The adoption of mHealth has been significantly increased in the 2020 year. According to recent data, 325,000+ mHealth apps are available for apple and android mobile phones

If you are running a startup, SME or a large enterprise, then you must focus on building the leading healthcare app. This will help you in boosting business growth, but for that, you need to focus on trending Healthcare App Ideas. In order to develop the leading medical app or healthcare product, you can choose the option of outsourcing software development company.

Innovative Healthcare App Ideas To Grow Your Business

Here I have mentioned the best healthcare app ideas that will help you build a unique presence in the market. You can also hire programmers for creating full-fledged and user-friendly healthcare mobile and web apps.

1. Health Reminder Apps For Taking Care Of Yourself

Health Reminder Apps For Taking Care Of Yourself

The occupied schedule of people can make them forget about their health and medication. So, by building this app, you can offer multiple benefits to the users. This app can be helpful to senior citizens that do not have extra home care help and may need reminders more often.

Such apps will help users maintain health by reminding them about their health. By using the health reminder apps, users can set the alarm for taking medicine, drinking water, jogging and so on. Even such an app will support you in achieving personal health goals.

Key Insights

Introducing multiple features can help you in creating a leading healthcare app. You can make your health reminder apps more unique by adding such things:

  • By adding various health tips for users
  • Add a calendar to set health goals.

Famous Health Reminder Apps

There are several health reminder apps, but few made the good reach in the market, and those are mentioned. You can also build such popular apps, but for that, you need to choose experienced programmers for hire .

  • Medisafe
  • MyMedSchedule Plus

2. Self-testing Apps For Performing Self-health Checkup

Self-testing Apps For Performing Self-health Checkup

Nowadays, people are so diligent in their life and work that they don’t take care of themselves, and this is the reason why people take their health as a secondary matter. But by building Self-Testing Apps, your business can offer users safe health.

This app will help smartphones users in performing self-testing, and by doing so, users can track body vitamins and other diseases also.


Key Insights

The development of such applications can help users examine real-time and regular health. By adding a few unique things, you can make your app more user and mobile-friendly.

  • Doctor’s listing for finding specialists
  • Hospital locating map for seeing nearby hospitals.

Famous Self-Testing Apps

Few prime examples of flourishing self-test applications are:

  • uChek
  • Ada

3. Fitness Tracking Apps to Detect How Fit You Are

Fitness Tracking Apps to Detect How Fit You Are

One of the top healthcare app ideas in the medical field is creating a fitness tracking application for doctors and other users. This will help doctors and users keep an eye on the infectious person. By using this app, users can also take precautions by viewing the patient location. In the fitness tracking app, you can include exercise and yoga video clips.

Key Insights

  • Incorporate EHR systems into an app to track all the vital health details of the patients.
  • Include distance checking features to view at what distance a patient is living.

Popular Examples of Fitness Tracking Apps

Outsourcing software development solutions from the reputed IT organization can help businesses building the famous healthcare mobile or web applications.

  • Fitness22
  • FitNotes

4. Medical Translation Apps To Find Meaning Of Complex Terms

Several patients at various locations that struggle while speaking their health problem with the doctor, and this happens because of the language barrier.

This issue can be simply solved by building the Medical Translation Apps. Such apps have medical terms listing and their meaning. Doctors, patients and other users can use this app as this can help you understand different medical terms.

As per Statista, the telemedicine market is assured of having a value above $175 billion by 2026.

Want to know about IOT IN HEALTHCARE??? 🙂


Key Insights

Hire programmers to make your Medical Translation Apps popular. You can add multiple features to make your app more special.

  • Can add Voice translations option
  • Include multiple language options

Popular Medical Translation Apps 

  • MediBabble
  • Canopy Apps

5. Doctor Consultation Apps For Taking Appointment & Guidance

Doctor Consultation Apps For Taking Appointment & Guidance

An unfortunate health problem can be very disturbing. Getting a headache or stomach ache in midnight can spoil your sleep. These are also the major concerns of the users, so if you are running the startups; then you can build Doctor Consultation Apps. This will help you seek the attention of various concerned audiences.

Key Insights

 By using the doctor consultation app, users can speak to doctors and can even ask for help. 

  • Professional doctor listing
  • Online Appointment opportunity

Famous Doctor Consultation Apps

  • Doctor on Demand app
  • Amwell

Wrapping Up

Several healthcare apps are used worldwide, and it has been noticed that average weekly time spent on Health, Fitness and Medical apps increased significantly in March 2020, on Android phones. So you can also focus on building leading health apps; this can help your business in increasing productivity.

If you really want to accelerate your enterprise growth, then just hire programmers and choose any of the top trending healthcare app ideas to produce excellent healthcare or medical mobile or web apps.

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