Top 5 Painting Materials That Artists Like to Use

Every artist is uniquely talented and inspired by different things. People always seem to look at the finished product the artist has created and be amazed at how they were able to capture an idea and execute it, but what about the materials? Have you ever wondered what art materials artists favor when performing their craft? Here are some of the top painting materials that artists enjoy using to express their special gifts.

1. An Easel

There is a wide variety of easel types at all price points out there for artists of every level. The Abundant Artist Association lists some of the most popular easels that pro painters like to use and beginning artists can try.


These would include an adjustable rotating easel, a tabletop easel, a display easel, an H-frame/convertible easel, a Lyre easel, a French-style easel, and a Pochade Box/Plein air easel.


The easel is an essential material or tool for any artist because it allows you to face your canvas straight on and avoid neck strain and overhead glare.

2. Brushes

This is a no-brainer for the consummate artist. The right set of brushes matters when it comes to any painting medium, and each artist has their personal favorites. A seasoned artist will take into consideration the bristle type, the style of the brush, and even the handle length to determine what brushes to select.


For instance, when it comes to painting with oils and acrylics, the experts recommend both soft and stiff bristle brushes along with flat, fan, filbert, and other brush types. Each brush performs a specific role, and an artist can experiment with various types to see the effects they deliver when painting.

3. Paint

Using quality paint is one of the essentials that skilled artists will not skimp on whether painting with oils, acrylics, watercolors, etc.


For example, many pro artists are drawn to acrylics because of their exceptional pigments, quick drying ability, and extreme versatility. An artist acrylic paint can cover it all so to speak. Acrylics are perfect for your fine brushwork, glazing, staining, water media techniques, and a lot more.


This type of smooth paint is available in several forms, including tubes, bottles, quarts, or gallons. Acrylics can be easily applied to surfaces such as canvas and watercolor paper, and it’s a highly durable painting medium.


Here’s another bonus. Acrylics do not need solvents for painting or clean-up, so it’s a convenient choice for those who may be painting at home.

4. Wood

Artists have also been using wood as a favorite art material for sculpting since ancient times, and it remains today quite a contemporary art medium. Although wood is plentiful and can be easily sourced, it can still present challenges to the artist. Wood must be treated or it can develop dry rot, water rot, and insect damage.


Claudia Comte, a famous Swiss artist, is attracted to wood for creating organic sculptures and uses a chainsaw to carve beautiful works of art from large trunks of non-endangered trees. Some of her personal preferences include walnut, mahogany, sequoia, red oak, acacia, pine, and yellowwood from South Africa.


Most artists these days use lime wood for its softness and crispness and ability to allow for intricate carving and the use of hand tools.

5. Waterproof Ink

Those who draw with pen and ink realize the importance of this material for their artwork. There are many options available, but the experts always choose black India ink for its excellent waterproof and permanent results.


There are three common pen types that include markers and fiber-tipped pens, nib or dip pens, and fountain pens.


The pen you choose will be able to perform several things such as control, fluidity, thinness, and thickness of the line when you are drawing.


Every artist is gifted with unique talent and perspective, and the commodities an artist chooses also play a role in their inspiration and creative process. There are certain tools and materials they cannot do without as the list above reveals. Whether you dabble in paint, pen, ink, sculpt with wood, or anything else, you have the option to select the best art materials to enhance your results.

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