Top 5 Sites to Read Manga For Free

If you love manga, you’ll probably want to know how to read manga online for free. And luckily, there are many great websites out there that will let you do just that.


One of the most popular websites for reading manga for free is MangaKik. Designed by a group of anime enthusiasts, this website offers a slew of features for readers. Some of these include a smart search box, a mobile app, and the ability to send messages to other users. It also allows users to watch anime shows and read manga in HD resolution.

The site’s user interface is sleek, making it easy to navigate. Its database is updated regularly. A variety of genres are available, and the library includes more than a dozen series. In addition, the website features a mobile version and allows users to purchase comics.

Another popular online manga site is TenManga. This site has a variety of manga sections, including a “Surprise” feature. Users are able to browse through titles by popularity ranking or genre. Additionally, the site has a clean web design and has no annoying advertising.


Comixology is the largest marketplace for digital comics. It offers over 200,000 graphic novels, comics and manga. You can access it on your PC, iPad, iPhone, Kindle Fire, or Android device.

The website is categorized into various genres. For example, there are horror, romance, comedy, and action manga series. Each manga is listed with its synopsis. There are also sneak peeks of each manga file.

The website is updated regularly. Its user interface is also well designed. Some of the features that make it stand out are the ad-free user experience, the dynamic assortment of comics, and the easy navigation.

Aside from the wide range of comics, you can also watch anime videos and listen to music. This site is free to sign up.

If you’re looking for a more extensive range of comics, you should try out Crunchyroll. They offer free trials, and their premium edition is filled with features. Their user interface is fast and smooth, and they also have a wide selection of anime videos.


If you’re interested in reading manga, you may want to check out Crunchyroll. This streaming service allows you to watch hundreds of anime shows for free, or subscribe to its Premium plan to unlock more options. The site also has an extensive library of manga titles, as well as games and other anime related content.

One of the most popular sites for anime fans, Crunchyroll has also become one of the best places to read manga. While most mangas aren’t available in your country, you can access a large number of popular Japanese mangas.

Crunchyroll’s premium plan gives you full access to their library of manga titles, including the latest releases. It also gives you access to simulcasts and high-quality streaming options. You can even watch new episodes the same day they’re released in Japan.

Manga Plus

Manga Plus is an online manga platform managed by Shueisha. It is a good option for those looking for a free manga website. There are thousands of titles to choose from, and a community of avid readers.

While the site is in Japanese, it offers an easy-to-use interface. The site also provides a search tool. You can choose to browse by genre, titles, and the frequency of updates.

You can download the app on your IOS device for a one-month free trial. Once you sign up, you can access their library of over 100,000 manga titles. They also offer paid manga titles, as well as high quality prints.

Manga Plus is also available on the Android platform. Users can browse the site by title, genre, and the number of chapters.


The best manga websites have easy-to-use interfaces and search features. They also feature a wide variety of comics and series. You can find the latest manga releases as well as classics.

MangaInn is a great site to check out. It offers a huge database of manga as well as English dubs. In addition to its collection of anime, manga and graphic novels, it also has a forum for discussing topics related to the genre.

Other great sites include Crunchyroll and FreeComicOnline. Both offer premium content for free. Also, they are both well-rated.

While you may want to sign up for a monthly subscription for full access, they do not have annoying pop-up ads. Plus, they have Android and iOS apps.

Webtoons is another great site to try out. This manga website allows you to find manga based on a series of criteria, including genre, author, chapter and release date. Additionally, the website also has a forum where you can join a discussion on any topic.

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