Top 5 Social Networking Sites

The Internet offers many social networking sites for people to meet friends, make new ones and have fun. While Facebook and Twitter are probably the most popular, there are a number of other places where you can join and have a good time. Here are the top 5 of these sites.

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When creating an account, you must provide a valid email address and a phone number. If you have a cell phone, you can also use it to send messages to other members of the site. You can use it for account updates as well.


One of the top 5 platforms where people from all over the world can join and have fun is MySpace. It started in 2003 and has since grown into the second largest social networking site.

MySpace allows users to create profiles, which they can share with friends, brands, and even nonprofits. Users can build a network of friends by inviting others to join and by searching for their friends already on MySpace.

MySpace is also a platform for musicians. Artists can upload music, sell merchandise, and interact with fans. In fact, it’s considered the de facto home page for the music industry.

Musicians can now easily build a sophisticated portfolio. Fans can curate their profiles and befriend bands, brands, and nonprofits.

However, MySpace has had its share of controversy, particularly around sexual predators and suicide. The website has also had to deal with accusations of bullying. In 2009, a 49-year-old mother was convicted of bullying another MySpace user.


Twitter is a social networking platform that allows people to communicate with others in a short amount of time. Using Twitter, people can send messages to friends and relatives, and they can also follow celebrities, public figures, and industry professionals.

The social networking site is free to join. However, you can pay to increase your reach. You can also advertise your business on Twitter.

To start using Twitter, you’ll need to create an account. Make sure to provide a username, email, and phone number. Next, select interests. Once you have completed your profile, you can begin following other users.

Once you’ve chosen your interests, you can find accounts that are relevant to your business. You can follow celebrities, news sites, comedians, and industry professionals.


LinkedIn is a popular social networking platform that offers a place to connect with professionals and businesses. If you’re looking to find a new job, it’s a great place to start. The site claims that over 6 people are hired every minute. However, not all job seekers utilize this opportunity properly.

Unlike Facebook, Instagram, or other social media sites, LinkedIn is mainly built for professionals and business owners. LinkedIn allows you to create a profile that you can update with information about your work history, education, and skills. It also allows you to receive recommendations from colleagues and bosses.

LinkedIn has an extremely high lead conversion rate and is the first place to turn for B2B lead generation. Using LinkedIn, you’re able to reach over eight hundred million potential customers worldwide.


Friendster is a social network that was created in 2002. It is a good place to meet new people and learn about different interests. The site also has some fun features such as video games and virtual towns.

Among its many uses, the site was popular for its social gaming capabilities. Users could interact through blogs and blogs, play online games, and join groups related to their interests. Those who had a large number of friends were able to send messages, share media content, and write comments.

Despite its popularity, the site failed to keep up with Facebook. It was only one of several attempts at a mass culture Web site. And as a result, it did not become as big as it should have been.


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