Top 6 tips to reduce the risk of a cyber-attack

A recent report from a leading cybersecurity firm has reflected that cyber-attacks in India have increased by 37% in the first quarter of 2020 compared to the last quarter of 2019. This data is alarming and calls for adequate prevention measures to safeguard against such incidents.

Even though cybersecurity cover provides financial assistance in such cases, the loss of vital information leaves victims prone to several other threats. Therefore, it is vital to practice certain precautionary measures, which ensure adequate security against these online dangers.

Top 6 tips to reduce the chance of any cyber attack

In recent years, the threat of cyber-attacks has increased rapidly, and cyber security covers can only do so much. Hence, here are some simple tips that one can follow to eliminate the chances of suffering these crimes.

  • Using secured websites

Malware is one of the most common forms of cyber-attacks that one can suffer. Visiting unsecured websites may cause malware to infect your system. Therefore, it is imperative to use websites with SSL certificates. Also, avoid using a site, whose URL starts with ‘HTTP’ instead of ‘HTTPS.’

Remember that a cybersecurity insurance policy offers financial protection in case of cyber-attacks. However, it cannot reclaim the data or information lost or leaked.

  • Refrain from using public networks

Public Wi-Fi networks may be free to use, but they can lead to more harm than one realizes. Typically, perpetrators use such open-to-all networks to intercept traffic and steal data from unsuspecting users.

A point to remember here is that often cyber insurance policy may not cover the losses that occurred while using these public Wi-Fi networks.

  • Avoid spam emails

Individuals often receive emails regarding discounts, job offers, lotteries, etc. Even though such emails seem genuine, they tend to have an illegitimate purpose. Opening them enables cyber criminals to access the device and steal data from it.

It is better to verify the offers or information provided in suspicious emails. The best way to do so is to contact the company from which this email is purporting to be. However, avoid clicking on links integrated into this emailer. 

  • Using updated antivirus

Antivirus protects devices from any external threats like malware, ransomware, virus, etc. F-Secure device security available with the purse care plan can help in this regard. It also provides extended protection for online transactions.

  • Using a strong password and updating them

Using strong passwords can help individuals to mitigate the risks of a cyber-attack to a certain extent. Typically, experts suggest that one must use alphanumeric passwords, and if possible to use various symbols to enhance its complexity.

Additionally, updating them regularly can also help individuals to enhance the cyber protection of their device.

  • Maintaining backups

Maintain a backup database at all times. Backups can help recover any crucial information in the event of data loss, resulting from cyber-attacks. This is especially useful for corporations, where data theft can effectively stop operations. To avoid such complications, maintaining a copy of all data on a different server can help significantly.

The Cyber Security Cover offered by Bajaj Finserv under its Pocket Insurance & Subscriptions is a comprehensive insurance plan. Under this cyber insurance plan, one can get coverage of up to Rs.2 lakh for a nominal premium starting from just Rs.253. Also, the easy application and claim settlement process makes it a hassle-free product to avail.

Cybersecurity covers offer the necessary financial protection from a wide range of cyber-attacks. Alongside this policy, one can also opt for a fraudulent charges cover, which offers financial protection from any financial loss resulting from unauthorized usage of payment cards, or during online transactions.


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