Top 9 Best Parks in Birmingham

Birmingham is one of the most picturesque cities in the UK. It is synonymous with beautiful parks and greenery. You will love the various activities on offer along with the quaint cafes. Let the children play around to their hearts’ content. Grab a soothing beverage and plonk on the grass. Enjoy a brief respite from the buzz of the city. Many of these parks offer fun activities like miniature golf as well. Some give you the chance to go hiking too. You can also go boating at some parks, with your loved ones in tow. Here are the best parks in Birmingham that you should check out. 

Sutton Park –

One of the biggest European urban parks, this is worth visiting. You will love the 970-hectare Nature Reserve here. There are tons of watersports and other activities. You can go biking or hiking at the park. It is only 30 minutes away from the Birmingham town center. You can also explore the wetlands and lakes here. Go through the woodlands and marshes for an adventure. You can spot wild ponies and many birds here. There are many hiking trails available for the ultimate relaxation. Look for serviced apartments Birmingham nearby for your stay. 

Moseley Bog –

This one falls within the Shire Country Park. It lies along a millpond, offering beautiful landscapes for visitors. You will love exploring the woodlands and wetlands here. It lies only 15 minutes away from the center of Birmingham. You can walk through the greenery. Author J.R.R. Tolkien was a regular here. It is a great place to view local wildlife and birds too. You can also go through Joy’s Wood on the eastern side. This is a wild area that has lovely wildflowers for you to discover. 

Lickey Hills –

Lickey Hills is also called the Lickey Hills County Park. It covers 200 hectares of beautiful green spaces. The meadow and country views are lovely. The city center lies only half an hour away. Beacon Hill is present here, going up to 300 meters. You can spend a lovely day here amidst greenery and woodlands. The park offers a center for visitors. This has details of all available activities. There is also a playing zone for children and mini-golf. You can also enjoy walking along the charming pathways. They have 380+ flower species as well. 

Walsall Arboretum –

Walsall Arboretum is a famous park with formal gardens. There is a playing zone for kids along with an outdoor fitness circuit. You can go biking and hiking here. You will find several activities on offer including bird-watching. You can also view beautiful flowers here. You can access this park within 20 minutes from the city center. There is a lovely lake with boating prospects as well. The shoreline café is great to sit down and relax. There are tennis courts on the site for quick matches. 

Aston Park –

Aston Park is a famous Green Flag Park between the Aston Expressway and Villa Park. It offers a lovely landscape for visitors. There is the regal Jacobean Aston Hall here. The park was once a popular deer park. It has 360+ hectares of reclaimed and maintained green zones. The gardens are also pristine on the spot. The Grade-I Jacobean structure goes back to the 17th century. It adds a special touch to the entire zone. The famous Black Sabbath band launched here sometime back. The café offers good grub while you can get souvenirs too. 

Billesley Common –

This one is a birdwatchers’ paradise. It offers immense green spaces and breathtaking beauty. You will find several recreational grounds nearby. There are lovely trees surrounding the entire park. You can also go hiking or take a picnic with your loved ones. This promises to be a delightful experience by all means. 

Cannon Hill Park –

Cannon Hill Park is one of the best in Birmingham. It has the Midlands Arts Centre with several green zones. There are several sports pitches and lakes along with a playing zone for children. The park lies within the Edgbaston District. It is famous for the Elan Valley Reservoirs as well. The park has several trails for walks and jogs. There are tennis courts with golf putting courses. The lakes ensure a lovely ambiance. 

Castle Vale Centre Park –

This Green Flag Park offers rolling meadows and greenery. Located at a historic spot, it was once an RAF airfield. Spitfires used to launch here at the time of WW II. The park offers formal gardens with flora and grass. There are multi-usage sporting pitches for various games. The park also offers parking facilities nearby. 

Cotteridge Park –

Cotteridge Park is a beautiful one for visitors. You will love the paved walking pathways and rolling green fields. The park has undergone a revamp over the years. This Green Flag marvel offers a charming brook and boulders. There is a BMX track and orchard too. 

These are the top parks in Birmingham that you should not miss on your trip. They offer rest and recreational opportunities aplenty. You will find serviced apartments nearby as well.

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