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There comes a time when the number of visitors increases on your website and because of shared web hosting services, it is very difficult to handle the pressure. More visitors on a website means your brand is now recognized in the market. It is good to have enhanced traffic on a website but if the web hosting is not handling the traffic then it’s time to change the web hosting server to a Dedicated Server.

Serverwala the best hosting provider serves as a Dedicated Server in Malaysia with the best assistance. It will handle your site’s traffic very smoothly and will secure your website with malware attacks. Let’s discuss the features, benefits, and highlights of a dedicated server.

Hosting a Website on Dedicated Servers

For a beginner website, people buy a shared hosting server. So it is easy to host a website on shared hosting initially. But as your business grows, the website demands high power of features and more bandwidth to store more data. Since shared hostings do not allow any user to expand their bandwidth because other websites are also available on the server. So everyone gets limited resources. But Dedicated Servers allow every user t expand their resource as per their requirements. We will have a quick look over the difference between shared hosting servers and a Dedicated Server in Malaysia.


Resources Shared Servers Dedicated Servers
Bandwidth We share the bandwidth with other websites too, so we get a limited bandwidth option. A person is the only user of this server, so no issue with expanding the bandwidth. So you get the freedom to expand it.
Resource Flexibility The limitations of resources are the disadvantage of the shared server, so the flexibility also depends on this factor. You get the maximum resources you need for your server, so the flexibility is also on top.
SSD Storage Because of its sharing feature, you can not enhance the storage of the server. No sharing of any feature with other websites, so you the SSD Storage with Dedicated Servers Malaysia.
Authority Access The Host has authorized access to the server, you do not have access to install any application to the server.  have to power to install any application and also customize Malaysia Dedicated Server as you want.


So, from the upper table, now you have understood that shared hosting is only good when your business is at the initial stage. There are multiple disadvantages of having it for a good traffic site or for a moderate to high business. So here for good statics of the website, you should opt for Serverwala’s Best Dedicated Server Malaysia.

Best-Dedicated Servers in Malaysia with Serverwala

Serverwala is the most influential and renowned web hosting company. It has served thousands of people with its Dedicated Server hostings all over the world. Also, it provides advanced features of security with Dedicated Servers. With Serverwala Malaysia Dedicated Server you are able to use all the features that it brings to your website and it will also help you to boost your site’s performance. For a Cheap Dedicated Server Malaysia, you can see the following characteristics of a dedicated server that are beneficial.

Hardware RAID Support

Serverwala Dedicated Server in Malaysia will deliver the support to RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5, and RAID 10, If you want any type, you can buy it from Serverwala at an additional cost.

Premium Bandwidth

A dedicated server appears with quick network connectivity and an uptime guarantee. So, Your website will experience 100Mbps to Gbps bandwidth with Serverwala Dedicated Server in Malaysia. So, Company assures you to have premium bandwidth for your website.

SSH Root Access

A Dedicated Server permits you to control your site hosting on your own. You get authorized access to the server so you can put the required applications. You can also customize and configure the server with root access to a Dedicated Server in Malaysia.

IP4 and IP6 Address

Serverwala Dedicated Server Malaysia will provide one IP4 and IP6 address for your website. If you want to add more then you can buy at an additional cost.

Important Highlights of Dedicated Server Malaysia

Serverwala Best Malaysia Dedicated Server provides most of the features with great benefits to host a website. We have discussed some of the features already in the article, now here are the highlights of Serverwala Cheap Dedicated Server in Malaysia.

  • The company’s dedicated server provides 10 Gbps private virtual LAN subnets.
  • You will have a Robust Network with a 99.90% network uptime guarantee.
  • Options to choose a Dedicated Server with two operating systems- Linux and Windows.
  • Serverwala provides service level agreements with every client of Dedicated Server Malaysia.
  • You get an enhanced level of security with Dedicated Servers.
  • You get the SSD storage with their dedicated server services to store more data on your website.

Cheap Dedicated Server Plans and Packages in Malaysia

Serverwala Dedicated Server Hosting in Malaysia plan starts with $350 per month and has a package of Xeon(R) CPU E3-1230 v3 4 Cores / 8T CPU, 500 GB SSD storage,5 TB @ 1GBPs bandwidth, and RAM worth of 16 GB facilities. You want to customize the package, you can. They offer subscription plans for 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, and for 1 year.

Cheap Dedicated Server Malaysia


This article has come to an end and maybe now you understand the importance of Dedicated Servers for any website. Serverwala offers unmanaged Dedicated Servers in Malaysia, so you can manage the hosting on your own without any third party. If you want any help to set up the server, Serverwala is there to help its clients with the best technical expertise.

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