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Top Mobile phone accessories

Mobile accessories are the mobile hardware parts that can be permanently attached to the mobile or for the time being like hands-free etc. These accessories do not perform any mobile functions internally. Due to the great demand for mobile accessories in Pakistan, all the relevant cell phone companies manufacture them and supply at the selling points. You can customize your mobile phone with your preferred accessories.

Mobile customer centers

As all companies launch their mobile accessories, they are readily available in the market as the particular cell phone is launched. Customers can go and buy mobile cases, protectors, and other accessories from the shops. There are many other local companies that produce and sell mobile parts in shops. It is a customer’s choice to purchase the liked one.

Online E-stores  

Today is the digital time, human has modernized and found out smart ways to complete his tasks. There is a great trend for online shopping these days. A lot of clients prefer to purchase mobile phone accessories online. They do not want to travel to the shops far away. Sometimes the particularly required accessory is not available at one shop and the buyer has to move to some other location. Online purchasing has made life easy. You can order the required thing from home and can get delivered it to your door.

Mobile accessories online in Pakistan

Everything has its own positive and negative aspects. Online shopping is good when we say that we can get our desired accessory at home instead of traveling far away but when we consider its dark aspect. Sometimes you do not get the quality of the product as you have imagined. It is necessary to buy the products from a trusted supplier.

Hkt designs is a well-reputed wholesale seller of the mobile accessories online Pakistan. Below is the review of top mobile phone accessories that are sold here along with many others:

  • Mobile covers/cases
hkt designs
hkt designs

Mobile phone cases are the protective covers of the mobiles that are in demand all the time by the clients. Every mobile model that is launched in the market and purchased by the customers; largely requires its protective cases also to be supplied. A customer always demands the cover to protect their new mobile. It protects the phone from damage with water, dust, or any other thing. There are now various types of mobile phone cases, most popular are the personalized ones. These have colors of customer’s choice also adored with many other little decorative materials.


  • Mobile phone screen protectors

Screen damage is the most commonly faced issue with mobiles if the owner drops the mobile mistakenly. Branded phone companies charge a heavy amount to replace the touch screens. There is only one solution to save the touch screen is to protect with the latest glass protectors. They not only save phone screen from scratch but also from being cracked.






  • Mobile hands-free/Wireless hands-free

These are all the time favorite accessories of customers for their mobile phones. While in your own home or traveling to some other location, hands-free serves the best purpose for you to listen to phone calls, songs, or any other important voice messages. Now wireless hands-free is in trend because there is no issue to keep mobile in your hand. You can talk to anyone while doing other tasks even if the mobile is placed on the table.




Phone battery chargers

A mobile phone charger is a must-have accessory to keep your phones running. Mobile chargers are included in brand new mobile packing when sold. But if its wire is damaged or it is lost somewhere then you have to purchase the new one. HKTdesigns always keeps on refreshing its mobile charger stock to sell the relevant charger to the customer.



Power bank

The power bank has now become an essential accessory for a lot of people who are always busy in their business schedule or mostly involved in traveling from one to another. Whatever mobile you purchase by considering its long battery time, but at last you need charging your mobile. A power bank can support you for a long time to keep your mobile running if you are on travel even for days.


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