Top Sites to Read Books Online

Technology has evolved a lot in this decade and made everything handy and approachable. There are paperless schools that provide education only on tablets and computers. All the assignments, projects, homework, and session are taken online. We can’t find or buy every book we need but we can always find online eBooks for free right in our palm.

You can bookmark these books, tag pages, add notes, share books to read online with your friends. You can also take screenshots and take printouts if required. Explore the world of online eBooks for free on these websites where you can find free, paid or premium subscriptions to switch between different books and novels online. There are several data entry agencies who are working day and night to digitize ancient books, vintage novels and theses to create online eBooks for users.

Read in Short


Read in Short is a subscription-based pool of literature that is designed in a very categorically manner to find books to read online. The moment you visit the homepage, you sign up to create your account and unwind thousands of online eBooks for free. Unwind your curiosity to explore the different categories like biography, health & nutrition, literature, Fiction, relationships, sex, education, history, creativity and way more topics.

Pick from the top-rated books, popular read, recently added titles, or the best authors that are chosen based on the reviews and top fan-followers. Read in Short helps you read the most relevant content based on the advanced search results and keeps you inspired with the latest technology research. Books are summarized in short paragraphs to identify the worthiness and rated with points based on user-insight. It gives you comprehensive review and best short summary of popular and bestselling books.

Internet Archive

Internet Archive Wayback machine

Internet Archive is dedicated to creating a replica of internet history. It’s a non-profit organization creating a digital database since 1996. You can access books to read online, images, videos, audio files, podcasts and way more digitized content on this web portal. You can find more than 25 million books to read online from 514 billion webpages. Once you register and create an account, you gain access to the pool of over 1.5 million online eBooks for free.

You can use the (WayBackMachine) search box to look for relevant context. Sort the results by name, views, title, date added, availability, media type and other filters. Once you select and open a book, it will open in a preview panel that allows you easy access to navigate the pages, add narrator, zoom in or out and other tools. You can also find a particular word in the content and the reader will highlight all the found instances in the book. There are options to bookmark, highlight or tag instances of your interest.

Open Library

open online library

Open Library is yet another project of the Internet Archive that is dedicated to collecting and digitizing the old collection of library books. They thrive to create a web portal that contains a copy of all the books that ever published. Open Library is comparatively easy to use and user-friendly portal for swift searches, navigation and advanced features.

You can find a collection of over 3 million classic books to read online for free. You can read them online or download a copy of it. You can click on the read button or hover your mouse to listen to the audio version of the book. A futuristic reading panel will open with advanced search filters and ease of access. Each library book is marked to ‘Borrow’ or download. This will also help you know how many readers have gone through the book, are people liking it or not!


Wattpad online book reader

Wattpad has gained huge popularity this year and ranked in the most popular e-Reading websites across the world. There are over 80 million registered readers who spend over 23 billion minutes every month to read novels online or read books online for free.

You can find original books, published stories, literature, fiction, academic, health & nutrition, biographies, sex & relationships, horror, nature & environment, education, technology, and etc. you can simply sign up and get free access to 90% of the content and the rest 10% is premium content that is available on a subscription basis. There are different genres to pick up your interest and the selected book can be opened in an interesting reading panel with advanced features.

Google Books

Google Books

Unlike other services, Google also offers a huge collection of books to read for free. Google Books is a search index that helps you find online eBooks for free. You can search for an author, title or genre and select the desired one from the search results.

You can search for free books, or click on ‘Any View’ to bring out results from other web portals. With the help of search filters, you can narrow down the search results and use advanced search options. You can preview a free sample and decide before making the payment. The free preview may not be the first 20% portion of the book, it can be anything from the book.

Amazon Kindle Store

Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle has made a huge base of audience and has been ranked as the world’s # 1 retailer of online books. Hundreds of authors choose to publish their titles for free to build their fan-following. There are over 80K online eBooks for free that you can choose from. You can choose from the list of top seller free books or authors to pick up your interest for free.

Summing Up

I’m not a bookworm but on request of hundreds of friends who love to read, I’ve researched on the best platforms to read books online for free. After reviewing over fifty websites, these are the top-rated portals that rank in every search of books to read online. You can find free online novels, academics, stories and a whole set of literature and ancient theses. Browse and share the world of wisdom!

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