Top Trends to Empower Food Delivery Industry in 2022

“In a Restaurant, Choose a Table Near a Waiter”-Jewish proverb. 

Now, every restaurant turns towards that. To make the customers’ journey a memorable and satisfied one, the food delivery industry digitized entirely. The role of the food delivery apps is an important one for this digitization phase. 

Among many apps, Grubhub is a well-known platform and this turns food delivery services into special and user-friendly. Historically, the evolution of GrTop Trends to Empower Food Delivery Industry in 2022ubhub app users is increasing sharply. The following stats add the proof to it. 

  • During the launching period of 2010, the revenue value for Grubhub was 8.4 million USD. Exactly in 2020, the revenue increased to be1.8 bn USD which is 39% growth for each year.
  • In terms of users, there are 31.4 million active users who use the app at least once in a month of 2021. 
  • Annual gross food sales is 8.7 bn USD in 2020. 

According to these, demands for Grubhub-like apps are growing. To meet these demands, the Grubhub clone app development is emerging in the market. In parallel, the trends that change the food delivery industry are more. This blog combines both trends and the metrics that support trends in detail. Let’s dive into the blog directly. 

Top Trends:

Menu on Tablets

This option improves the user experience by giving waiters more time. This helps to maintain the following things: well dish illustration, up-to-date info, and easy menu translations. 

Gear Up Marketing Levers

Since providing the food to the customers is now becoming easy, the number of restaurateurs emerging in the market is more. Then it becomes a competitive landscape. To stand out in the market, promotions added to the app must be explicitly declared in the app. 

Further allowing social-media integration to the app enables the restaurant owners to build the community and get attention sharply. 

Accurate Tracking

Emerging GPS technologies induce a great momentum in delivery service where they allow customers to track the location status of the food correctly. Also, this intimates the estimated time of arrival to avoid late delivery. 

Digitized Payment Terminals

Pay via smartphone is a trendy one. The design of pay terminals with click & send allows the customers to send the payments directly to the restaurant’s account directly. Using these terminals, the time to pay the amount is less. This reduces the financial burden for restaurant owners. 

Well-Connected POS 

A well-connected payment system is necessary. Beyond the restaurant owner, customers experience new benefits such as low waiting time and improved ecological footprint. A chatbot allows restaurant owners to automate the customer relationship and thus this is termed as ultra-responsive. 

To meet these trends, the food delivery app is designed with the top essential features. Identifying the feature set that allows you to meet the trends. 

Top 5 Features to Meet Trends


The first and foremost attention gathering feature is listings where the restaurant owners prepareTop Trends to Empower Food Delivery Industry in 2022 the menu listings in a digital manner. Using this listing, the food detail, price information, and the varieties information clearly. This presentation speeds up the orders from the customer side. When customers feel satisfaction in ordering after seeing the listing means, the revenue value is high. 

Easy-To-Maintain Online Presence

Ensure online presence is easy with the app-based business models. Going with the app-based models is an opt choice to maintain your presence in online mode. 

How far you market your services in an extendable mode will help you to bring new customers that drive more revenue. The responsive food delivery app with the Grubhub clone platform speeds up the workflow and also helps to promote your services on the online platforms effectively. 

Simplified Payment Gateways

Integrating the payment gateways into the application allows the customers to pay the food delivery fee smartly. Using these gateways, the transactions carried out among the customers-restaurant owners & delivery partners all are transparent. This makes you feel comfortable in financial processing. 

In-App Chat

The Grubhub clone app includes the in-app chat that makes the communication among the customers and service providers effective. With this option, the connectivity among the players involved in the food delivery business turns out to be strong and this ensures high-operating efficiency. 

Geo-Location Tracking

Enabling the GPS inside the Grubhub clone app allows the delivery driver to track the location of the store and customer. This enables the delivery partners to find out the location easily and completes multiple deliveries in a single room if possible. 

The delivery trip via the optimal distance consumes minimum time and fuel. Hence, the productivity of the delivery trip is rising. When the productivity value is high, the number of delivery partners prefer the GrubHub clone app highly. 

Wrapping Up

When you sit to develop the Grubhub clone app, looking into the top trends that are commonly observed are listed in this blog. After knowing them, now you are ready with opt business models and features. While approaching the GrubHub clone app development partners, make sure they have designed the app to meet those trends attentively. Let’s begin food delivery services right now!

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