7 Top Rated Tourist Attractions in Palermo?

There’s a lot to see and do in Palermo, as well as a lot of tales to hear and a lot of walking. You will have an extremely stressful and unpleasant experience if you do not have a strategy.

The public transit system, tourist information, the number of individuals who can speak credible English, and other tourist criteria are significantly below what is expected in other parts of Europe. We’ve also included seven odd things for travelers and some useful suggestions that you won’t find anywhere else. United Airlines flight Booking offers best deals.

La Zisa

La Zisa was a fortress erected in 1165 by William I, one of the most divisive and contentious Norman Kings. King William the Bad was his moniker. William I was well known as a heavy party guy. Every day during his 12 years as King of Sicily, Frederick I, Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, threatened Sicily. Except for the King, it appeared like everyone in Sicily was concerned about this. He was too busy playing spin the bottle’ with his harem or adorning Palermo with more of its present magnificent structures. Book your tickets with United Airlines Reservations and enjoy at La Zisa.

Archaeological Museum

This museum has a large collection of ancient Greek art as well as different artefacts and discoveries from the region and island of Sicily. The museum is divided into sections that are easy to traverse. Exhibits include submerged artefacts, Phoenician artefacts, Roman artefacts, and more.

Martorana Church

When you step inside, you will be taken away by the magnificent mosaics that feature a variety of creative styles. Just viewing it enhances your physical and emotional well-being almost immediately. However, the people have given it a moniker, and the structure is now known as Martorana. If you’ve ever had cassata cake, you’ll know that the Martorana is the marzipan fruit on top. Martorana got its name from this chapel, and therefore it’s a suitable name. Book United Airlines tickets, and spend a great time at Martorana Church.


Palermo is brimming with old and gorgeous ecclesiastical structures, and the Martorana is a prime example. La Martorana, like Palermo Cathedral, is a fusion of many architectural styles as a result of years of conquest. The church is located in Piazza Bellini, adjacent to the renowned Pretoria Fountain and Quattro Canti plaza. Book your tickets from United Airlines official site.

The Saint Rosalia Sanctuary

The Saint Rosalia Sanctuary is located on Mount Pellegrino. This is a fantastic location for taking photos with Palermo as a backdrop, jogging on its roads, practising cornering on our motorbikes, taking our children to play outside, and someone has even conceived a kid in a car on these dark lanes at night. But, to be honest, there is one primary reason that we Sicilians come here above all others. United flights are the best option to start your journey.

Teatro Massimo

Don’t tell everyone you meet if you plan to visit the city and don’t see the Teatro Massimo. You will undoubtedly receive glares, snootiness, and raised eyebrows as a result of this decision. This venue is not noteworthy only because it is Europe’s third-largest theatre. The history of the theatre is very intriguing. Palermo was formerly considered a hub for strong and affluent lords who wanted to show the entire world that they had the best of everything. You couldn’t brag about your possessions on Instagram with a sports vehicle in the background at this point in history.

The Quattro Can

The Quattro Canti ti Four Corners plaza in Palermo is an octagonal plaza built by two main roads. Once a year, Viceroy Marcantonio Colonna would organise a race of prostitutes to speed around the Four Corners half nude. If you ordered the package with The Sicilian Way, you would discover a narrative about this infamous yearly race. The ruler of the period, Viceroy Marquis of Vigliena, completely renovated this portion of Palermo and built a road to connect it to the Via Vittorio Emanuele. He named it Via Maqueda after the Marquis’ predecessor, the Duke of Maqueda. Book your United Airlines flights and fly to Palremo.

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