Unmanaged dedicated server: is it the right choice?

Web hosting’s infrastructure has a great impact on your company’s performance. It plays a major role in what is the perception of your brand in the market. Thus one must take as much time as they want in selecting the right server hosting for their business.

But the main choices dwindle between an unmanaged and managed dedicated server hosting plan. Once you have decided that your enterprise deserves the comfort of a dedicated server, the very next decision will confuse even more. Hence, here are we to help you in selecting the right dedicated server out of the two mentioned.

So, most of the dedicated server hosting providers have unmanaged and managed server options with different performance efficiencies. Overall all dedicated servers are remote servers that are assigned to a single enterprise or application. They are deployed, hosted, and managed by a hosting company. Such enterprises need high performance through high speed and solid data infrastructure and also can’t compromise on the security. Dedicated servers are easily customizable as per the requirements of the organization and thus are the most flexible ones. These dedicated servers come in two types, one is a managed and the other is an unmanaged dedicated server.

What is unmanaged dedicated server?

Even after signing up for a dedicated server, some companies might not want to give up on the control over their resources and want to be responsible for their hosting server and the software. Unmanaged dedicated server hosting is the best fit for them. You can enjoy all the privileges of a dedicated server and still look out for the human resources. This is mainly because trusting in in-house experts is easier and more beneficial in the longer run.

In an unmanaged dedicated server, you will be responsible to look after the OS and even for its latest updates. Thus, for this, you need to be a little more technologically sound or have experts for that. Technicalities can be demanding and resource-intensive and for applications like these one wants their own set of management.

Apart from handling resources on our own, there are other circumstances also when you would prefer an unmanaged dedicated server. There will be a time when you will be inclined towards a particular OS that most probably not available with your hosting provider. But you cannot compromise on the OS as these are critical specifications. With an unmanaged dedicated server chose the OS of your own choice and give your enterprise the best possibilities to grow in possible ways. Although this privilege comes with a slight drawback. When you have deployed OS of completely your own choice, then you have to look out for its specialized hardware on your own. You cannot rely on the customer support of your dedicated hosting provider.

The customer support of an unmanaged dedicated server plan is limited only up to the basic support issues. These basic issues will be regarding the server’s hardware and network. You can consider the support services as a complementary support service that you get with all those dedicated servers and general VPS hosting plans.

What does an unmanaged dedicated server demands?

                                                                               Like it is rightly said that with great power comes great responsibilities. When you are the owner as well as the sole caretaker of it then every execution is necessary. You have to keep track of the on-going updates, new security trends, and also to keep on optimizing the whole environment continuously.

Now if your server performs well then it’s perfect, but if it does not perform well then the major onus lies on you. Hence, if you have the time and experience to manage your server and handle all of these resources, then an unmanaged dedicated server is the best option for you.

An unmanaged dedicated server is also good when you are restricted by investment as managed dedicated server hosting is any time costlier than an unmanaged dedicated server. But there are hidden costs involved that are not so ignorable. When you opt for an unmanaged dedicated server, you have to appoint a dedicated system administrator who takes care of all your resources and can act as an expert for you.

There will be times when you will be needing to install the software. Thus, within an unmanaged dedicated server, you have to look out for software installations as well.

On top of all, deciding your budget should be the topmost priority for you. Is your enterprise ready to bear the cost of a managed server host? Although there are added costs of a system administrator unmanaged server host will always turn out to be less expensive than a managed dedicated server host.

So if you are ready to take care of all this then, an unmanaged dedicated server hosting provider is waiting around the corner. But if it sounds like too much of a work to you then you always have the option for managed dedicated server hosting.

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