Updating your house on a budget with DIY!

There’s no doubt about it, with the boom of social media and ample amounts of time with 2 years of lockdowns, DIY has seen an incredible increase in popularity! Not only could you keep yourself busy whilst locked in your house, but you could also give your home a spruce up with a spot of DIY!From a little TLC to your tiles, to a little Mario action with tackling some pipes, DIYing your house can help limit your spending whilst simultaneous maintaining your home.

One study conducted by Brandon Hire Station has revealed just which City in the UK is the most Do It Yourself! They looked at which cities have the most home decor shops, showing which city you have better access to if you’re looking to spruce up your home, as well as which city has the least registered tradesmen! They found that Manchester had the least number of registered tradesmen, which Birmingham had the largest number!

With that in mind, here are some DIY ideas you could do to give your home a life this year!

A lick of Paint

The old traditional favourite of all home owners and landlord, a quick splash of paint can help brighten and liven up a room! If you’re looking to paint all four walls in one colour, it intend to spice things up with a coloured signature wall, paint is certainly considered the easiest method of transformation.

But be warned, a good paint job might boost a room but a bad paint job will be the bane of the house! Make sure that when you paint your walls you follow the necessary steps to prep and paint! Easy to follow steps can be found on sites like wiki-How, or you can follow a tutorial on YouTube or TikTok.

If you feel confident with your painting skills try your hat at painting some furniture like your shelves and cupboards. A bright yellow cupboard can really help a room embrace the warming weather and light nights!

Fix up your bathroom

If you feel confident in making the attempt, the bathroom is another challenge that is perhaps simpler than you might think. Saving the pennies to tighten leaky taps yourself is actually a much easier task to do. If you follow simple tutorials and use the right tools you can give it a go and try your hat and fixing it yourself!

Just like you can fix your taps, you can also reseal your bath! Should you need to replace the silicone seal that helps stop your bath/shower leaking though to your floorboards it’s actually much easier than you might think! You can remove the old sealant with a trusty Stanley knife (and not your common kitchen knife), and apply the use of a cartridge gun, you can acquire an affordable tube of sealant at your local supermarket and give sealing a go yourself!

Put up some shelves and pictures

If you start feeling that your walls are looking a little bare and drab, you might consider fixing up yourself some shelves and adding some pictures. Whether it’s an artistic paining or some tasteful family portrait.

All you really need get it right is a couple of handy household tools and a wall detector. Make sure where you want to hang your shelves or pictures has no pipes or wires in the walls! Then using either a hammer and nail, or a screwdriver and drill, apply your hanging you shelf or picture on. If you’re applying shelves, ensure that they are secure, and you don’t exceed an maximum weight limit that the shelf has.

If you’re a perfectionist, you should definitely invest in a beam level to ensure that what you hang on your walls is as straight or as angled as you desire!

Try some panelling?

One increasingly popular trend is that of wall panelling. Wall panelling can help give a room a more unique and 3-dimensional look. Many DIY stores now have pre-made wall panels ready to go, and just require your personal paint job to help suit your room!

It can help add character, and texture and personal style to the walls of any room and can be used to give both a modern and a classical look! However, be warned there are some costs to this popular trend! Some wall panelling can be quite expensive, so ensure you have a budget in mind!

In conclusion, if your getting a little bored of your home, or if you just don’t want to spend the extortionate amounts of money on specialists, then try your hand at DIY!

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