Vinyl tile flooring vs traditional vinyl flooring

Vinyl flooring is one of the leading flooring choices among homeowners, designers, and innovators. Luxury vinyl exists in three different types ie: vinyl tiles, vinyl planks, and vinyl sheets. Vinyl tiles usually mimic the realistic look of ceramic stone. just like ceramic vinyl tiles offer a wide range of beautiful and elegant looks with affordable prices and easy upkeep.

Vinyl tiles are a DIY-friendly installation project. Tile flooring comes in the market as the floating or interlock mechanisms. In some cases, you may find a loose lay or peel and stick option for vinyl floors as well. Undoubtedly for high traffic and busy families vinyl tile is the most durable option.

Pros of vinyl tiles flooring 

Vinyl tile flooring is unique. The advantages of vinyl flooring are given below. 

Adorable looks 

 Luxury vinyl tiles strongly mimic the stone-like looks. You can find out all the possible textures and colors that resemble stones. 

DIY installation 

Vinyl tiles have an easy installation mechanism. Tiles usually offer an interlock or floating installation. These are DIY-friendly and favorite among the homeowners for their easy installation process. 

 Easy maintenance 

 Vinyl flooring in Columbus does not need any kind of extensive maintenance and cleaning approach. These are easy to maintain and upkeep. Most of the vinyl types have a strong resistance against moisture 

Warmth and style

Vinyl floors are an adorable choice for cold areas. In winters these floors provide extraordinary warmth. Cost-friendly and equally stylish these are the great flooring choices. 


Vinyl tiles have strong wear layers such as urethane. They are 100 % moisture-resistant and have awesome capabilities. 

Cons of Vinyl Tile Flooring

There are certain cons of vinyl flooring as well. 

Not like traditional tiles 

Vinyl tile flooring is different from traditional tile flooring. They feel different in touch from the traditional vinyl floors. Homeowners usually focus on the feel and touch.


As you narrow down the list luxurious and waterproof options are more expensive. The only thing you can save with vinyl tiles is the DIY installation.

Low quality 

Vinyl tiles that are not of high quality usually develop scratches easily. They are more vulnerable to get damaged by the high traffic and other incidents. High-quality tiles have good wear layers. Cheaper options have the least durability.

Less popularity 

Vinyl tile flooring is comparatively less popular than vinyl plank flooring. you only have the options that mimic the natural stone or ceramic. They do not mimic the hardwood-like looks. 

Porcelain tiles are moisture-resistant and have better quality than luxury vinyl tiles. Last but not least vinyl tiles haven’t replaced the vinyl place. 

Traditional vinyl flooring 

Traditional vinyl flooring is relatively an affordable flooring type as compared to the luxury vinyl options. The kit is highly different from the luxury vinyl sheets, luxury vinyl planks, and luxury vinyl tiles. Due to the low-quality material vinyl has still a bad rap. 

Many people still don’t have an idea that today’s vinyl is not like old vinyl. With the revolution in technology, vinyl has been improved up to the mark.As compared to modern-day luxury vinyl, traditional vinyl flooring options are usually thin, bendy, and simplistic in their wood and stone looks. 

They’re ideal for shielding tiny, low-traffic areas like basements with low-cost vinyl . But what about stunning, long-lasting looks? You’ll want to venture into the realm of luxurious vinyl.

Pros of Traditional Vinyl Flooring


This is the low-cost vinyl. You can bargain this vinyl at a low cost of 1/sqft.

Amazing choice for low traffic areas 

Traditional vinyl floors are a great alternative if you don’t want to build a permanent new floor or have a tiny closet or low-traffic area. In closets and rentals, peel and stick vinyl options are particularly common.

Cons of Traditional Vinyl Flooring

Let’s move forward about the cons of traditional vinyl flooring.

Wear layers

Traditional vinyl has a thin wear layer. It easily gets damaged by the kids and pets. Traditional vinyl cannot handle the incidents. 

Least resistant to moisture 

They have least resistant against moisture. It can easily get damaged in water prone areas.

Less durable 

It’s least durable and cannot have the properties like the the luxury vinyl

Look so cheap 

Traditional vinyl floor is the cheap option. It has no good looks and no strength to bear has no realistic looks like the luxury vinyl.


This is true of all vinyl, but WPC and rigid core vinyl are often subjected to additional testing to ensure that they are free of harmful chemicals. Be sure to search the product’s specifications for more detail on this.

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Vinyl tiles have great properties as compared to traditional vinyl. Traditional vinyl flooring has the least preference these days and it is only a cheap flooring option. Vinyl tiles strongly mimic the ceramic and have a great aesthetic appeal. Don’t buy any flooring randomly, rather focus on the pros and cons first. 

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