Watch the Fate Series

Fate series is a fantasy drama which follows the history of a war that occurred thousands of years ago. It depicts the struggle of good and evil through different characters. This drama was ranked as one of the most-watched drama on television. This drama has been aired in more than one hundred episodes. The series mainly revolves around historical events and fairy tale themes. It shows the clash of good and evil while providing viewers with thrilling action and romantic scenes.

Fate series tells the fascinating story of the ancient, Holy Grail War between certain families who battle for several generations by using powerful magic weapons to battle with each other. The people who are on the winning side shall receive their desires fulfilled by their loyalties and valuables being sacrificed on the battlefield. Those who watched the Fate series saw the intricate plot and superb animation.

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The main plot of the Fate series revolves around the main character, Rin Tainaka, a boy who was born with a particular “abilistic” power called the “Fate Knot”. He was believed to be a lucky child who would become a skilled blacksmith and an extraordinary fighter in his own right. When his foster father was killed during a battle, Rin’s childhood friend, Yuusuke Tozawa, took him under his wing and trained him in the ways of the blade. However, Rin soon discovers that he has other traits apart from his good nature such as hatred towards his stepfather and his inability to control his amazing blade. As the series progresses, we learn more about Rin’s past, where he came from, and the circumstances that caused him to form this powerful force. Throughout the course of the series, we also discover the reasons why his foster family were murdered.

The Fate series continues its gripping plot without any real changes after Rin’s death. The events are still the same: Yuusuke Tozawa is given the task of stopping “The Night”, a mysterious and deadly spirit that haunts every town in Japan. This task will take him to several parallel worlds where he will fight and defeat The Night before finally trapping him in one world. On his way, he must confront several strong enemies including the evil Yuusuke Ichihan, Shiki Temura, Hiyo Suzou, Kuchiki Hyoudou, and Fuuka Nanahara. Each of these players undergoes their own personal journeys as they strive to achieve the ultimate goal of unifying the seven realms.

In this Fate series review, I will discuss the first season as well as the second season. In the first season, Yuusuke goes to search for his long lost sister Riko. There are several interesting developments between the two as they journey through time together. They both also encounter mysterious deaths that seem to point to the existence of another timeline. Their journey also takes them to a fantasy world called Heaven wherein they find out that their loved ones who were killed by The Night were actually reincarnated into heaven because of a freak accident.

With the second season, it finally became possible to watch all the endings. It is important to note that despite the popularity of the series, the ending of each episode plays a significant role in the success of the series. Because of this, many fans have been waiting for the perfect ending which will finally be aired in the next Holy Grail War Special. If you want to watch the special and be able to see the different decisions that the characters can make, I suggest you follow the chronological order of the entire series.

If you want to watch the first few episodes, I suggest that you start watching the anime series based on the novel release order. Based on the novel release order, the TV show starts with the light novel volume, “Reine des Baillees”. If you have read the light novel, you will notice that there are several changes in the plotline and certain events that happen before the series even begins. This makes it easier to follow and watch the TV series because it won’t be hard to remember the beginning and end of each episode.

If you want to watch the entire series, all you have to do is change the TV series date to the right one. Then, start with the third novel. As you may notice, the Fate anime series has an excellent plot and interesting characters. If you are a fan of the Fate series, I would really recommend that you take the time to watch the TV series because you will enjoy it.

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