6 Unique Ways to Enhance Your Interior Design


A perfect interior design can transform your house into a home where you feel welcome and comfortable. With that, it increases the quality and productivity of our lives. There are many different advantages of a good interior design, for instance-

  • Adding effectiveness to the place.
  • The high aesthetic quality of life.
  • It also serves safety purposes.
  • An aesthetically made property can value more during resale.
  • Using the right colours can improve life quality, etc.

Now that we have established how influential interior design can be, we have listed Six unique ways, which will spice up your interiors. By reading this you can easily enhance your living space with some easy steps. Read on to find our expert tips on how you improve interiors:

1.Always make sure that there is a focal point present in the room.

A focal point is a point established in a room to steal all the first glances towards it with entering the room. You can use this method to derive the attention of your guest from a less desirable point to something else. A whole design pattern can be worked out around the focal point which makes the whole process very simpler. This can be achieved by adding a splash of contrast colour or a statement piece into the room.

Pro tip – It does not matter what focal point you choose as long as you create a path leading the guest straight to the focal point. This subconsciously directs the focus straight to the focal point of your choice.

2.Mix and match different materials, textures and patterns.

Starting with patterns, you have to differentiate between the pattern size and pattern colours. Try different permutations and combinations before finalizing what pattern combination you like the most. Geometrical combinations with the right amount of colour used can be astonishing.

Tip – Large squares mixed up with small colours would be eye-catching.

The key when choosing the right textures or materials is knowing how to strike balance. When it comes to compositions, embrace the heart of interior design by mixing and matching various textures together. You can also use different materials and make it fuller of variety.

Tip – Mixing rustic materials with metals or metal hues can be aesthetically pleasing as well.

3.Balance your colour and style scheme

There is a very famous yet effective rule called the 60-30-10 rule. There is a 60% chance where you have to select a dominant colour. This colour has to be leading throughout the room proportion. People usually go with the natural or lighter shade in this as it is the most dominant. Thirty per cent is where you select a bold shade or something bold that catches the eye and compliments the natural and neutral shades beautifully. When it comes down to the next 10% of proportion you have to choose the most vivid shade and hue.

In other ways, you can go for one warm shade and one cool colour shade. This captures the eye most. You can also select complementary shades that complement each other having an eye a pleasing environment.

4.Choose the suitable type of light bulbs

Be it good photos or be it aesthetically pleasing room lighting is always the key to everything. Choosing the placement of the right type of light bulb is very essential. An interior designer may work hard towards all the aspects but if they miss lighting all the hard work goes into vain. Thus, it is always advisable to know your project’s angles and worst sides and how can lighting fix it. Confused about how to improve lighting or enhance other aspects of your home? Find Interior Design Companies In Delhi Ncr, and they will help you in this dilemma.

5.Raise the ceilings (not literally!)

A room might be a lot taller and spacious than it usually appears, and the reason can be poor choices of colours or cheap choice of alignments of items in the room. If you live in a place with lower ceilings and are not sure how to raise them, I have two words for you. Vertical alignments. You can add long doors, floor-length curtains, and a full-length mirror. These types of additions will make the room look certainly taller than it is.

Tip – Do not paint your ceiling in a light tone and certainly not white as it creates an illusion. It makes the room look smaller than it actually is. You can paint the wall and ceiling with the same hue. It makes an illusion of the larger height of the room.

6. At last, personalize and make it according to your narrative

You might research and study interior designing and make your house aesthetically pleasing via the pictures uploaded on Instagram. But none of that would be your own. Your home is your personal space, and thus it is only usual that it speaks about you. Give your suggestions and be vulnerable while giving them to your interior designer. In that way, they would be able to have your personal touches on your home. Take risks and find out what is good for you and tells your narrative the most.


We hope that you find the ways we have suggested helpfully. If you need to Find interior design companies to spice up your interiors, click here. Lastly, you should not stop exploring and finding different inspirations for enhancing interior designs. Get your dream house ready by following the best tips from our experts.

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