What are the common causes of dB loss in fiber optic cables?

People and businesses are now using fiber optic cables in the networks; this is because of the number of benefits that come with fiber optic cables. One cannot take full advantage of these cables if they fail to handle the fiber with great care even after buying them from the high-quality fiber optic companies. Certain factors can affect the fiber optic cables’ performance, and the results of using such wires will not be sufficient.

What is dB loss?

As we are well familiar with the fact that the data transmission in the fiber optic cables is in the form of light signals. Light signals transform into information, which is the main reason for transmitting a light signal from one end to the other end. The strength of the signal reaching the other end is measured in decibels, which is a unit.

To check fiber optic cable is free of any failure and can fully transmit the light signal to the other end, different tests are in use. One of the tests involves the transmission of the light signal from one end, and the other end has a meter to check the light signal’s availability. If the light signal reaches the other end fully, it means there is no dB loss. If the light signal does not fully reach the end, it means that the fiber cable needs improvements and is not ready for installation.

What are the factors causing dB loss?

  • Cleanliness of the fiber

One of the main reasons for high dB loss is the uncleanliness of the fiber. The ends of fiber cables are exposed to the environment, and they get dirt on them. Using fiber without cleaning it will result in high dB loss.

It is necessary to clean the fiber before use and take steps essential to keep it clean and away from factors making it dirty. Professional fiber optic companies in Dubai work according to a strategy in which the experts inspect the fiber optic cable to see the fiber’s cleanliness before installation.

  • Miss management in handling fiber

It is one of the significant properties of fiber cables that they can bend. Bending of fiber cables is a limited point; exceeding the limit and bending the fiber beyond its limit can harm the cable. The results will not be the same as we get with the fiber cables that are managed carefully. Fiber cables are highly sensitive and demand great care; that is why fiber optic cables are difficult to handle.

To know the limit to which you can bend the fiber, check the diameter of the outer region of the fiber cable. Once you know the outer area’s diameter, multiply it by ten, you will get the bend radius. Make sure you take the measurements carefully and accurately.

  • Not polishing the fiber well

It is crucial to polish the ends of the fiber cables as they are exposed to the dirt, and polishing will help clean the dirt on them. Polishing is also vital to take care of the ferrule at the ends of the fiber.

  • Ferrule care

The ferrule is like a cap or a ring. We use it to protect the fiber from splitting and spreading all over the place.

Ferrule helps in connecting the fiber with other fibers. The alignment of the fibers connected is crucial for the transmission of the light signal.

It is not always necessary to connect the ferrule to the other fiber cables they are in use for connecting the cables with the transmitters and receivers that help boost the light signal passing through the cable at a specific distance.

  • The material used to tie fiber

Zip ties are in use for tying the cables, but fiber optics are sensitive because they are made of glass, tying them with similar products that may harm the fiber optic cable. The data transmission through the cables damaged by the ties will be lower.

  • The quality of the fiber

One of the reasons behind the low data transmission or the transmission of light signals is because of the fiber quality. It is imperative to understand the difference in the cables’ qualities and the type of cable you need. A wide range of fiber optic cables are available, but each type serves a different purpose. Know your goal and then install the cables. Experts will also guide you on the kind of cable for your need while buying the fiber. Fiber optic cable companies in Dubai are the options to consult for the best type of fiber optic cable to meet your needs.

Why identifying and removing dB loss is essential?

Removing the dB loss is essential because fiber optic cables’ primary objective is to provide high data transmission rates. Not identifying the failures will result in half and little data transmission. Half data transmission is almost the same as no transmission. For a company, the data is more critical, and losing the data could result in its failure or downfall.

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