What is a desktop Computer?

What is a desktop Computer?

The first computers of the modern era, those housed in skyscrapers in cities like New York and Chicago might have been called computers. They took up acres of floor space and required access to complex machinery to make them work. But modern computers – like the one pictured here – are essentially glorified printers with a screen attached. In some cases, they’re even made of plastic. A ‘desktop’ is a larger, box-like model that people actually put stuff on.

But that’s just the name. In reality, the term ‘desktop’ doesn’t always mean the same thing as it does in these pictures. Some of the more modern models have screens, but in other cases, it’s just the actual computer that’s the desktop. Best PC Design Store is a platform that also explains computers.

So What is a desktop Computer?

  1. A desktop can be either standalone or part of a wider network.
  1. The classic desktop computer was a larger box that allowed you to work with files on a computer disk. The first generation of desktop computers used an external optical disc reader, which allowed the computer to read the hard disk and could then read files off an optical drive. Some desktop computers still used floppy discs.
  1. The first desktops were large in size. However, this stopped changing when Apple released the first MacBook Air laptop in 2006. Since then, computers have shrunk in size, so today’s desktops are only about 20cm wide and 4cm deep.
  1. Today’s desktops can have mobile internet access, apps, and smart TV features.
  1. If you have an Apple Mac desktop, then Mac’s optical drive has been replaced with an SSD storage drive. If you have a Windows desktop then your computer uses a hard drive, but some models come with a solid state hard drive or SSD (which are both cheaper and faster).
  1. Most desktop computers use Windows or Mac OS X, which means it’s likely you’re using Apple or Microsoft software.
  1. Desktop computers are designed to be installed and shared by individuals, not organizations. They’re less of a business tool and more of a home tool.
  1. The desktop is also one of the best places to install the software. While Apple computers allow for universal installations of macOS and iOS apps, Microsoft’s operating system allows for the installation of just about any application that Windows and Microsoft apps can run on.
  1. Apple computers are based on a file system called Time Machine. Time Machine can back up your hard drive from any computer or mobile device to Mac’s optical drive, which allows you to recover files even if your main computer is damaged.
  1. The first Windows PCs, such as the Celeron, used a mix of DOS, Windows 3.1, Mac OS X, and other operating systems.
  1. Most modern desktop computers have removable hard drives.

  1. Microsoft’s Surface tablet was the first modern laptop to be designed to be used on a desk with a keyboard attached.
  1. IBM’s zSeries desktop computers were also the first computers to have a movable keyboard.
  1. Today, desktops are more expensive than laptops, but it’s still possible to get a PC that doesn’t cost more than £400.
  1. It’s possible to buy desktops for £99, such as this Raspberry Pi A+ computer.
  1. The Google Chromebook (sold at Google’s retail stores) is a stripped-down laptop that comes with an operating system – Google Chrome OS – and internet access.
  1. Microsoft’s Chromebook is about the same price as the cheapest Chromebook.
  1. Apple’s MacBook Air computer can be bought for as little as £499.
  1. Windows 10 is the best-selling desktop operating system in the UK, making up 36% of all desktop computer sales in the country.

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  1. Windows 10’s 32-bit requirement has been replaced by the 64-bit requirement, meaning you can install 64-bit apps on the PC, which is likely to mean much better performance.
  1. The computer used for Google’s Chromebook is the Acer C423. This cheap model has an 11.6 touchscreen display, a 1366 x 768-pixel resolution, 2GB of RAM, 32GB of storage, and two USB ports. The keyboard can also be detached and a Chromebook Pro laptop with a more powerful processor, more RAM, and an updated operating system is available for £600.
  1. Apple’s Mac laptop computers are known for their excellent keyboard design, but this Chromebook is still a more reliable machine and has a more usable keyboard.
  1. All of Google’s Chromebook laptops run on Chrome OS, Google’s own operating system.
  1. Chrome OS is designed to be run from a laptop or a mobile phone, meaning Google’s computer can be both portable and controlled from anywhere.
  1. The Samsung Chromebook Plus model has a 12.2 touchscreen display, 4GB of RAM, 16GB of storage, two USB ports, and a MicroSD card slot. This model costs £500.

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  1. If you’re not concerned about performance and prefer something more simple, then the Asus Chromebook Flip is a great option. This model has a 360° hinge that allows you to convert it into a tablet computer. It comes with 4GB of RAM, and 32GB of storage, and the processor is Intel Celeron. This model costs £250.
  2. The Dell Inspiron Chromebook 11 comes with a USB-C connector for your laptop to connect to a monitor and charges it from the laptop. It comes with 2GB of RAM, 16GB of storage, Intel Celeron Processor N3350, and Intel HD Graphics. The laptop costs £275.
  1. A budget Chromebook from Asus comes with 4GB of RAM, 16GB of storage, and an Intel Celeron Processor N3350, and comes in at £230.
  1. The Lenovo C330 is a laptop with an 11.6 touchscreen display, 2GB of RAM, 16GB of storage, Intel Celeron Processor N3350, and Intel HD Graphics. The laptop costs £195.
  1. There are hundreds of Chromebooks available, including Asus, Lenovo, Dell, Samsung, Acer, Toshiba, and more. They all tend to be about the same price, so you can be sure you’re getting the best hardware.
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