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What is Blue World City Islamabad exactly?

Blue World City Islamabad is a new development in Islamabad, Pakistan, still being built. The project is being sold as a “smart city,” with many new ideas built into it. Blue World Islamabad is one of a kind because it uses technology to manage its resources. For example, the city will use technology to ensure it uses the least energy and makes the best use of its water. World City Islamabad will also use technology to improve traffic flow and make it easier for people in different parts of the city to talk to each other. Blue World City in Islamabad is an interesting project, and it might be a good way to invest in Pakistan for people who want to do so. But this type of investment comes with some risks, which you should consider before making any decisions.

How do you explain Blue World Islamabad

Blue World Islamabad is a new city built in the Pakistani city of Islamabad. It will be the biggest city in the country, with more than a million people living there. There will be many things to do in the city, such as a theme park, a high-end hotel, and an amusement park. The Blue City Group is building Blue World Islamabad, which is set to open in 2020.

World City Islamabad: A Brief History

Blue World Islamabad has been around since the early 1990s when a group of Pakistani businessmen and entrepreneurs decided to build their city to help the economy grow and attract more tourists. Since October 9, 1999, when the city was officially opened, it has become one of the most popular places in Pakistan.

Blue World Islamabad has over 1 million square meters of shopping, entertainment, cultural facilities, and world-class hotels. The city is also home to some international companies and organizations, such as Microsoft Corporation, Coca-Cola Company, IBM Corporation, Vodafone Group plc., Telenor Pakistan Limited., Nissan Motor Company Ltd., Royal Dutch Shell plc., General Electric Company (GE) Pakistan Limited., Ernst & Young LLP (EY), PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP (PwC), Oracle Corporation, Volkswagen AG, and others (VW).

What are Blue World Islamabad’s plans?

Blue World Islamabad is being built by the same Pakistani company that made Dubai Blue City successful. The $3 billion project will cover 1,500 hectares and be finished in 2025. It will have a mix of residential, commercial, and recreation facilities.

Dunes cover most of the site, but construction teams are working hard to get it back. There will be 12 million square feet of office space in the city and hotels and apartments for people to live in. Blue World City in Islamabad will have a lot of things for tourists to do, as well as some schools and hospitals.

How are people in World City Islamabad benefiting from its growth?

The growth of Blue World Islamabad is good for the people who live there in many ways. First and foremost, the city has given its residents good, affordable, and roomy housing. Also, the development has given residents a lot of chances to learn skills and get the education that can help them find work. Lastly, Blue World Islamabad has helped improve its residents’ overall quality of life by giving them access to a wide range of amenities and services.

How does it work?

Blue World Islamabad would be the biggest city in South Asia. It would be built in Islamabad, Pakistan. The development area would be 1,000 square kilometers, and more than 10 million people would live there. The project has been criticized by groups that care about the environment, who say it will hurt the environment. The company Blue World Group is building Blue World City in Islamabad.

Why should you live in World City Islamabad?

Blue World Islamabad is a one-of-a-kind, futuristic city in the middle of Islamabad. It was opened in February 2019 by Prime Minister Imran Khan. The city was made to be green and sustainable, focusing on social justice and the environment. Some of the things that make Blue World Islamabad a good place to live are:

The climate is controlled, so the city is always a comfortable place to live. There are many food options, from fast food to Michelin-starred restaurants. The infrastructure is modern and well-kept. The city has a large parkland area with lakes, gardens, and playgrounds. The city has world-class schools and hospitals.

What are the bad things about living in Blue World Islamabad?

Blue World City is its world, even though it is in a nice part of Islamabad. But, like every other city, Blue World City has some bad things about it. Because there are so many people in Blue World City, crime and vandalism are more likely to happen.


Blue World Islamabad is a new mixed-use building in the middle of the city. It has high-end homes, business properties, hotels, restaurants, and office space. The project was planned by some of the best architects in the world, and it was built to meet international quality standards.

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