What is estates in sociology?

estates in sociology are defined as “social systems with a focus on social order that result in inequalities in land and resources among members of a society”.  This system has several components, among them, power over other people.

For example, the landed gentry had more power over other people than did serfs. One group was in charge of the power to punish the others and the other was in charge of administering the rest of the land. Another way in which the gentry dominated the Estates serfs was that they made sure to put the serfs in jobs that required labor, such as slaves.

The serfs were forced to work at jobs that produced more profit for the serfs’ owners, rather than using that time to produce food for themselves and their families. A third way in which they controlled the serfs was by preventing them from producing food for themselves.

Another component of the estates system was fertility. The serfs were expected to marry and have many children to sustain their families. The serfs could only have a family of two children because if they had more children, the gentry would confiscate their land for them.

The last component of this system was ownership.

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