Free-Range Chicken halal

What Is Halal Free-Range Chicken

Halal Free Range Chickens are grown up in Free Range environments by keeping in view the Islamic laws related to chickens. The term ‘Halal Free Range’ is made up of two terms ‘Halal’ and ‘Free Range’. These both terms are explained below in this article.

Free-Range Chicken:

Free Range Chickens are kept in open air and given free open lands to roam around freely. There is no specific time limit for chicken to stay oudoor to be called Free Range Chicken but there must be some time under the sunlight. Free Range Chickens are kept in open grassy lands under sun light in fresh air. These conditions are major factors in good health of chickens.

An Ambiguous Fact:

Its not necessary to for Free Range Chickens that they spend ample time in outdoor conditions.

Time can vary alot. Its also possible that chickens stay in shed and get feel of outside world from windows and these chickens are also called Free Range Chickens but these kind of Free Range chickens are not prefered much by people.

Are Organic and Free-Range Chicken the same?

Organic chicken can also be a Free Range Chicken if its the one which spends much time in open air and natural environment.

Pros and Cons:

Free Range Chickens visit open world more and hence they are much healthier and has more nutrients but their production is much expensive as they need a large open land while in poultry farms, hundreds of chickens are kept under a small shed. Hence Free Range Chickens are much expensive and they are not easily available.

Halal Chicken:

A chicken is considered Halal and it is allowed for muslims to consume it only if it is slaughtered in a method told by Islam. In this method chicken’s throat is slitted using a single cut of knife, at the point where the jugular vein exists.

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