What Is the Cheapest Time to Book a Flight?

If you are a travel bug, then traveling India must be on your radars. Among a few spiritual countries of the world, India attracts tens of thousands of tourists every year. Its cultural and regional diversities are a unique blend and everyone wants to have a taste of it.

India is among the very few countries across the globe that pray to its rivers, mountains, trees, and animals. The Ganga aarti at Har kiPauri is one of the biggest tourist and spiritual attractions of the country. Today’s India comprises people who respect both their traditions as well as the youth. Cities like Bangalore are the new IT hubs.

India is the seventh-largest country in the world in terms of area. And visiting the country as a whole is impossible in a single trip. The best way is to travel a state or a maximum of 3. While on your visit you will find unity inside the diversities of India leaving you mesmerized from head to toe.

If you are planning a trip to India and spending within your budget is your main requirement, this article is at your rescue. While planning a visit to India, the airfare expenses only consume a sizeable chunk of your total budget. Many people postpone their travel plans as they can’t find cheap air tickets that fit into their budgets. And you know what they say about postponed plans,” they hardly become a reality”.

But traveling to India doesn’t require a fortune. And you surely don’t need a hefty sum of money to book non stop flights from USA to India or from anywhere else. In this article, we will help you find cheap air tickets by telling you the cheapest time to book a flight.

Let’s know what is the cheapest time to book a flight

Book on weekdays

While searching for Direct flights to Goa From USA compare the prices of weekdays and weekend flights. And you can easily encounter a surge in prices on weekends. The high demand on weekends is responsible for these surges. So instead of flying on a weekend, try to fly on weekdays. And the midweeks are the best time for this.

Because as the weekend ends, the ticket price starts decreasing. And as it comes near, the prices start increasing again. This repetitive behavior makes Wednesdays and Thursdays the best and most cost-effective times to book airline tickets.

Book off-season

The flight ticket prices change according to the season you are traveling to India. Flexibility with travel dates and times can help you save a good chunk of money. If due to any circumstances you can’t have the flexibility with your traveling schedule. Try to make as many bookings as possible.

When it comes to traveling to India there are three main reasons to book flight tickets to India. These seasons are

Peak or on-season

The season with the most flight bookings is considered as the Peak season. When it comes to traveling to India the months of June, July and December are the Peak seasons. This means during these months more people are traveling to India or are booking flights to India.

If you are serious about budgeted airplane tickets then we will recommend you to avoid these months. Not only the airfare prices are high during these times. But also the hotel bookings, tourist guide services, and other necessary services are hitting their peak prices. And you will eventually end up paying much more for each and everything.

Off-season or Off Peak

The season with the least flight bookings is considered as off-season or off-peak. When it comes to traveling to India, then the months of April, May, September, and October are the off-peak season. During the off-season, air travel companies provide offers, deals, and discounts to boost the demand for air tickets. Making this the most budget-friendly period to visit India.

Not only you will save good money on airfare but also you will get great deals and discounts on everything. Like many hotels provide complimentary breakfasts during this period to boost their booking. Making your trip a cost-effective yet exceptional experience.

In-Between or the shoulder period

The period under which the travel business goes normally is the shoulder period. With normal we mean that there are no sudden surges in demand and nor there are any unexpected lows. We can use the balanced word for this period.

If due to inflexibility in your traveling schedule or because of any other reason, you cannot travel to India during the off-peak period. Then the in-between or the shoulder period is your next best option. You won’t get that much discount during this time but you will surely not pay excessively for things.

But we highly recommend you booking off-season or off-peak. While booking off-season the flight ticket costs the lowest. And a few extra bucks always help in gaining a good traveling experience.

Book in advance

Nearly 70% of airplane bookings to India are done within 30 days of flying. This surge in demand increases the price. As the common law of economic states, “higher the demand, higher the price”. Booking flights between 4 months to 1-month period before your scheduled flying date does wonders for your pocket.

Do you know that you can save up to 41% on nonstop flights to Mumbai from USA or any other part of the world? All you have to do is book air tickets at least 22 weeks before your flying date.

So if you are into spontaneous traveling cheap air tickets are a hard bug to catch. But with a proper roadmap and flexibility of date and time combined with early bookings can save you a handsome amount of money.

Besides this, there are a few tricks that you can use while booking air tickets. And save a few extra bucks. Let’s know these tips and tricks.

Search using incognito mode

If you are a frequent online shopper, then you must have enquired about sudden price surges in the frequently searched items. Well, the cookies our devices use while searching for any particular stuff are responsible for this. And air tickets are no exception to it. So, always use the incognito or the private mode while searching for airplane tickets.

Use connecting flights

If you have some extra time in your pocket. Then why not exchange it for a few bucks. The process is simple: ditch the direct or nonstop flights for connecting flights. The best way of booking connecting flights is using budgeted airlines. These airlines cover significant distances at much lesser prices than international ones.

Mix and match different airlines

The most affordable way to book connecting flights is using different airlines. The main reason behind this is that different airline charges differently for different destinations. An airline that charges less than others for a trip to Moscow from London may not charge less for other trips.

So take some help from the internet and compare the prices of each stop separately. Find the most affordable option and book it. You can take the help of google maps to decide your stops. Never keep more than 2 to 3 stops during an international trip. Otherwise, you will reach suer exhausted to your destination.

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