What Is the Initial Service Life of Precisegds Garage Doors?

One of the most important components in the construction of a garage door is the spring mechanism. Which includes tension or torsion springs. The standard spring of Precisegds garage doors is designed for 25,000 leaf lifting cycles.

This is equal to 17 years of daily four single use. Obviously, the more often a garage door is used the faster the springs wear out.

You can extend the natural life cycle of your door system and associated components by following a simple annual preventive maintenance program.

A well maintained garage door will last longer and require fewer costly repairs. Silver-comfort provides its customers with regular maintenance services for sectional garage doors.

Purpose and operating conditions of garage doors

It is also important to remember that sectional door structures come in different series. Depending on the manufacturer may be intended for installation only under certain conditions.

Thus, Precisegds sectional door systems are designed for operation in climatic zones with the following range of outside air temperatures: +40°…-50°С. Of course, at temperatures above or below the gate will not lose its properties.

While maintaining performance. But with prolonged use of doors in areas with extreme temperatures. Bending of sandwich panels is possible, associated with compression of internal steel sheets. For this reason, the manufacturer’s warranty will no longer apply.

Precisegds residential door series cannot be installed to cover an opening in fire or explosive parts of a building.

Do you open and close the gate correctly?

To ensure safe mechanical or automatic control of gate systems, it is necessary to comply with certain safety requirements for opening:

  • It is permissible to start using the gate only with a properly adjusted balancing spring mechanism;
  • In the absence of visible damage to cables and other structural elements;
  • It is impossible to interfere with the movement of the sectional canvas along the guides or be in the zone of its movement;
  • Do not interfere with the movement (lifting-lowering) of the canvas;
  • Do not raise the gate when the gate is open, do not turn off the gate closer;
  • If automation is installed, do not lift the canvas manually without first unlocking the electric drive;
  • Do not lift garage doors with automation when the locking devices are in the locked mode;
  • In the event of a power failure or damage to the automatic drive, transfer it to mechanical control with a special unlock key.
  • Do not step on the threshold of the gate built into the canvas;
  • Do not repair the garage door yourself.
  • Extend the life of your garage door with proper care and maintenance
  • Extending the life of your garage door includes regularly cleaning and lubricating important parts.

The structure should be cleaned at least once every six months with a cloth or a mixture of mild detergent and water. Check here for more details about Garage Door Repair San Diego at precisegds.

To lubricate the rollers and hinges, use grease, for example, such as Litol 24 or its analogues. Do not lubricate the guides with these greases.

In winter, the driveway in front of the garage must be cleared of snow, ice and dirt.

If the built-in windows are dirty in the canvas, you must first rinse them with clean water, and then use a rag and a brush with soft bristles.

In conclusion we say that it is better to adhere to the rules for using garage doors. Which are indicated by the manufacturer in the product passport.

The first service must be carried out after the first 3 months after the installation of the gate in the opening. Subsequent procedures service – once a year.

But whenever you use a garage door take note of how they move and if they make noises. If you notice any difficulty opening or it starts to crackle then you may need to repair your garage sectional door.

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