Moissanite Diamonds

What is the Meaning of Moissanite Diamond?

What is Moissanite Stone?

Since ancient times, moissanite precious stones have fascinated humanity with their unearthly brilliance and witchcraft play of light. In many cultures around the world, their magnetic shimmer was believed to be a sign of divine origin.

But, thanks to the progress of scientific thought, we all know that in fact, precious stones are a consequence of the life of the earth’s magma and they all belong to minerals. Almost all…

The only exception to the rule is the precious moissanite, which many thousands of years ago came to our planet directly from space. The giant asteroid crashed into the Earth at great speed, breaking through the top layer and splitting into billions of small pieces, most of which are still concentrated in North America.

By the way, some tribes living in the area used the Moissanite in religious activities, communicating with the gods, celebrating weddings and victories.

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For the first time in 1983, the extraterrestrial origin of moissanite was announced by the French chemist Henri Mussant, after whom this jewel was named. For some time this stone was considered a type of diamond, but in 1905 it turned out that they have different structures, properties, and even colors.

In the middle of the twentieth century, jewelers began to widely produce cheaper diamond analogs – cubic zirconium and cubic zirconia, and later, shining Swarovski stones appeared which significantly shook the position of moissanite, however, the finds of natural stone are so rare and small, and there is no need to talk about the possibility of making jewelry from them…

Moissanite is synthesized in several countries, but the most famous is the American company 3D-search, which grows minerals by the sublimation method, the so-called. Leili method – at room temperature, silicon carbide powder is sublimated into crystals with a size of 5070 mm, and then the raw material is heated to 2400 degrees Celsius. The price for laboratory crystals starts from $ 150-200 per carat at a size of 3-5 carats.

Externally, the moissanite stone (sometimes called moissanite) looks like a transparent crystal, but it has a much greater brightness and clarity of brilliance, and less strength than a diamond. The color of moissanite can be either completely transparent or with a green or orange tint. The fact is that this stone changes under the influence of high temperatures and ultraviolet radiation.

Where to Buy Moissanite Diamond Jewelry?

Diamond Stud Earrings

Currently, the quantity, therefore, the size, weight, and how much moissanite costs depend on the desire of manufacturers, of which there are not so many. Where to buy moissanite is also not an easy question, Gemistone Jewelers store most often gemstones or moissanite are made only to order, and if you liked a product from the catalog of a 3 Carat Cushion Cut Moissanite Three Stone Engagement Ring or any types of moissanite diamond jewelry you want to buy a product with moissanite from Gemistone Jewelers with a very decent price or Free Delivery services.

The impressive brightness and clarity of this stone made it an excellent democratic alternative. A solitaire moissanite diamond ring looks no less impressive than a real diamond, and the exquisite shimmer of moissanite earrings, diamond stud earrings or can even remove a few extra years from your face. They say that even some celebrities prefer a synthetic diamond for its magical properties – the energy of purity and protection from the evil eye.

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