What is the process of producing feminised cannabis seeds?

Do you recall the last time that you enjoyed a joint of cannabis and felt like you were on cloud nine? You can thank the female species of cannabis for this.

The female plant is able to produce a lot of cannabinoids, which is why you get the euphoric feeling.

You might be able to see that the majority of seed growers use feminized seeds. This means that seeds only contain the female genetics and don’t need male genetic intervention to produce high-inducing and flavourful cannabinoids. Modern breeders can ensure that the success rate of female seed genetics is 100% by using certain technology and processes for seed feminisation.

Before we get into the details of how feminised seed are made, it is important to know what they are at their core. What makes them different from regular seeds?

What are Feminised seeds?

In order to ensure that the resulting plants are only female-only, feminized seeds are crossed in an away. Only female cannabis plants can produce buds. Regular seeds, on the other hand, can produce male and female cannabis plants on a 50/50 basis.

The question is, why do most growers choose to only use feminised cannabis seeds Dublin? Although male seeds are an asset to any breeding program you must keep them under control. Many times half of the plants should be thrown out after breeding has finished. These male plants can lead to seedy buds and lower yields if they are left behind. For many growers, this can lead to a loss of time, space and energy.

You can grow feminized cannabis seeds and enjoy immediate benefits.

The main purpose of feminizing seeds is to make a female plant produce pollen sacs much like a male. Male plants that are grown on a female plant produce pollen. This can be used to pollinate other female plants. All the seeds that result will eventually become female.

Female vs. Male: Importance to know

Traditional breeding methods or natural pollination can produce male or female cannabis plants. These are regular seeds, which have a close 50/50 split of the two genders. Regular seeds are more likely to produce a female plant than a male.

It turns out that growing cannabis plants from standard seed isn’t very efficient. It’s like a bakery having to throw away every last loaf of bread. Regular seeds are often used by growers. It is possible for half of the plants to be males. These male plants can be of some value to breeders but will not offer any real value to those looking for the flower. A grow can be damaged by too many male plants.

Traditional wisdom has suggested that the solution was unorthodox. Cultivators planted twice as many seeds to harvest under the assumption of half the seeds being useless males. This is not practical if you want to harvest large quantities of seeds. Regular seeds require you to plant twice the amount of seeds to achieve the desired results.

Feminised seeds: Why you should grow them

Growers who use feminized seeds to start their harvest have many benefits. You can think of it this way: by removing the guesswork involved in germinating regular seeds, growers are actually saving quite a bit time, space, and energy. Feminised seeds can actually significantly speed up the growing process.

This efficiency improvement is important not only for medical cannabis users, but also for cannabis hobbyists. The majority of cannabis regulations place a limit on the number of plants. Therefore, growers who cultivate small amounts for their own use must ensure they get the best value for their money.

Male plants do more than just take up space in your yard. It takes a lot of effort and time to grow one. In gardens that have both male and female plants, growers must manage the tedious task of growing both plants until they are both sexed.

Although some strains may show signs of gender early on, most cannabis plants won’t express their gender until the mature stage. This is after the vegetative stage.

This is when the plant’s need for light and darkness changes from a 12-hour light/12 hour dark cycle. This change occurs naturally in outdoor gardens as the seasons change. This change can only be achieved in controlled indoor gardens by using timed grow lights.

Growers must carefully monitor the plants and determine their sex once they are mature enough. This is to make sure that the males do not pollinate the females.

Growers don’t have to spend weeks caring for plants that are only 50% likely to become females by using feminized seeds. They can also maximize the amount of space and plants in their grow area.

How are Feminised Cannabis seeds produced?

There are many methods that can be used to produce reliable feminized seeds. One method to stress out healthy female plants is to interrupt the light cycle during flowering.

This might work in some cases, but it is not a common or controlled method of feminizing seeds. Instead, spray the female plants with silver thiosulphate solutions or colloidal silver. This is a popular way to control plant sex without any genetic modification.

They are both water mixed with fine silver particles. Silver thiosulphate solutions slow down ethylene production, which is a key hormone in flowering. It will result in a male plant but not a female one. However, it will produce male pollen sac-filled flowers. These pollen sacs are only possible on plants that have female genetics.

These flowers will pollinate another female plant if they have not been treated with silver thiosulphate/coloidal silver solution. The resulting seeds will be most certainly female.

These silver solutions can be used to create plants that are feminized almost at 100%.

Colloid silver is the most cost-effective and simple way to make feminised plants. There are two options: either you can buy a pre-made colloidal gold generator, or you can create your own. This doesn’t require any special skills.

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